UPDATE: Homicide victim sustained gunshot wound to the head; second victim still in critical condition

UPDATE: Homicide victim sustained gunshot wound to the head; second victim still in critical condition
Lewis sustained a gunshot wound to the head.

(PRESS RELEASE) – On Thursday, September 21, 2017, about 7:30 p.m. officers attached to the Gros Islet Police Station were dispatched to the scene of a suspected shooting at Beausejour, Gros islet.

It was reported that two individuals, who were occupants of a BMW motorcar registration number PD 6802, sustained multiple gunshot injuries.

Alvin Lewis, a forty five (45) year old resident of Moulin-a-Vent, Vieux Fort, allegedly sustained one (1) gunshot wound to the head. He was pronounced dead on the scene by a medical practitioner. A post mortem examination is scheduled for Monday, September 25, 2017.

The second male occupant of the motorcar, who is yet to be identified, allegedly sustained three gunshot injuries to the head and was conveyed to a local medical facility where he is admitted in critical condition.

The Royal St. Lucia Police Force urges anyone with information regarding this incident to contact the Gros Islet Police Station at 456-3830.

Investigations are continuing into this matter. This incident brings the number of homicides recorded for the year 2017 to thirty eight (38).



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  1. Wait until it gets to you'll doors
    I am no family nor friend of the decease
    But when stupid people post dirty , rejoicing comments when someone loses their lifes like that
    I wonder who is the fool?
    The dead man who has gone
    Or the stupid person who doesn't know how he will die
    So much hatred.
    Because of earthly possesions
    Money, drugs , gold ect ect
    Look around
    All is at lost
    End of times
    Rip young man
    No more fear, pain
    Gone to soon
    May your families find comfort.

    Killer/killers lack of sleep
    Blood pon your hands
    Remember you live by it
    You will feel it too when its your time


  2. Let the criminals police our streets! No inquests, no IMPACS, not arrest and charging of police officers
    and no Mary. This is what we Saint Lucians want. We seem excited to see our police officers who try to keep this country from going down under, go to jail. We seem to bash them at every turn not realizing that the government that demanded them to build a modern four lane highway with spades and shovels, an near impossible task one would admit, has set them up to fail.

    It's sad but I don't blame our police officers who seem too afraid to fight, too afraid to do the job for which they were hired, too afraid to shoot at anyone and too afraid to even professionally investigate the atrocities committed by those criminals. I don't envy their position, seeing that our society seemingly prefers to have the criminals in control of our streets. While I am dismayed by those developments, I remain hopeful that one day our society will learn to appreciate our law enforcement officers and the difficulty their job entails. Only then will we truly appreciate that no arm of society can effectively function or grow without their input, for they are the ones to create the foundation for a thriving society, they are the ones that create the climate for business and development and they are the one to create the climate for peace and security which most of us yearn for.

    My thoughts and prayers are with our beleaguered officers.


  3. Y am I not surprise that somebody from that car got shot? The number plate has always caught my eye. In the places that illegal activity is prevalent with some dark tint. Anyways. one less


  4. When u put all your energy into living like a child of darkness, seeking the cheap pleasures that corrupt the character instead of treasuring the association of your precious loved ones u left behind at home, WHAT DO U EXPECT TO GET?


  5. What's puzzling all those criminal activities going on and the same US and Mary Francis that have a problem with police doing their job ain't coming and say to do anything with those criminals. Let the criminals take over the country. Kill all the innocent. If they were only targeting those like themselves but all innocent get caught up in the midst. While Hermangild come on TV and smile


  6. R.I.P Alvin, you will surely be missed. I pray God comforts your family in this time of grief, my condolences to Alvin's family.


  7. R.I.P Alvin...Still in shock...I pray that your family finds comfort and strength in the Lord...Saw you during the week with your princess, not knowing it would be the last...smh...


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