UPDATE: Homicide #25 – Babonneau shooting victim succumbs to injuries

UPDATE: Homicide #25 – Babonneau shooting victim succumbs to injuries
Kim Isidore aka Coco
Kim Isidore aka Coco
Kim Isidore aka Coco

St. Lucia has recorded its 25th homicide for the year.

Kim Isidore, popularly known as ‘Coco’, was pronounced dead at Victoria Hospital after he was shot multiple times in Cacao, Babonneau this evening (May 24).

Reports are that sometime after 8 p.m., Isidore was shot in his vehicle. He drove off but crashed into a wall.

He was rushed to Victoria Hospital via ambulance with negative vital signs and was officially pronounced dead on arrival at the medical institution.

Residents reported hearing at least four shots followed by the sound of sirens.

This is the second homicide within two days.

On Monday, a woman returned from an errand to discover her nine-month-old baby girl dead in a playpen. A lace was wrapped around the baby’s neck and a post mortem revealed the infant died from strangulation/hanging.



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  1. Rest I'm perfect peace just upset that you wont get to see your baby girl but i will always tell her about you


  2. Didn't no him my hole life didn't no wat crimes he committed in st Lucia I pull up with him on my block Dominica ?? and he was a irie partner I no it's not my business but just saying


  3. Sing hosannah. Sing hosannah. One less piece of ***t to have to deal with in the future. All remaining pieces of ****, form ring and shoot the blasted daylights out of each other. Don't leave anyone standing. You bastards!


  4. The retention of the display of a national symbol emblazoned on the chest of a criminal, in full view of the public in social media is extremely disturbing.

    This is very irresponsible journalism, if this is what some call journalism. What's there is devoid sound ethical and moral standards.

    It is unalloyed stupidity that a media outlet should be carrying this for so long.

    We are sending an extremely corrosive subliminal message to our young and impressionable. This is very dangerous. We are subliminally sending a very corrosive societal subliminal message to the young and very impressionable audiences.

    This, most definitely is NOT part of the national solution; it is part of the national problem.


  5. Roadkill, in the spirit of our African ancestors should not be buried on land. There should be a law to enforce that. Seriously. Any body fluids oozing from this piece of roadkill should be placed in a garbage bag. That bag loaded with heavy concrete blocks should be taken by a garbage truck dumped that in the sea. Return if possible. RIP.