UPDATE: Homicide #25 – Babonneau shooting victim succumbs to injuries

UPDATE: Homicide #25 – Babonneau shooting victim succumbs to injuries
Kim Isidore aka Coco
Kim Isidore aka Coco
Kim Isidore aka Coco

St. Lucia has recorded its 25th homicide for the year.

Kim Isidore, popularly known as ‘Coco’, was pronounced dead at Victoria Hospital after he was shot multiple times in Cacao, Babonneau this evening (May 24).

Reports are that sometime after 8 p.m., Isidore was shot in his vehicle. He drove off but crashed into a wall.

He was rushed to Victoria Hospital via ambulance with negative vital signs and was officially pronounced dead on arrival at the medical institution.

Residents reported hearing at least four shots followed by the sound of sirens.

This is the second homicide within two days.

On Monday, a woman returned from an errand to discover her nine-month-old baby girl dead in a playpen. A lace was wrapped around the baby’s neck and a post mortem revealed the infant died from strangulation/hanging.



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  1. Rest I'm perfect peace just upset that you wont get to see your baby girl but i will always tell her about you


  2. Didn't no him my hole life didn't no wat crimes he committed in st Lucia I pull up with him on my block Dominica ?? and he was a irie partner I no it's not my business but just saying


  3. Sing hosannah. Sing hosannah. One less piece of ***t to have to deal with in the future. All remaining pieces of ****, form ring and shoot the blasted daylights out of each other. Don't leave anyone standing. You bastards!


  4. The retention of the display of a national symbol emblazoned on the chest of a criminal, in full view of the public in social media is extremely disturbing.

    This is very irresponsible journalism, if this is what some call journalism. What's there is devoid sound ethical and moral standards.

    It is unalloyed stupidity that a media outlet should be carrying this for so long.

    We are sending an extremely corrosive subliminal message to our young and impressionable. This is very dangerous. We are subliminally sending a very corrosive societal subliminal message to the young and very impressionable audiences.

    This, most definitely is NOT part of the national solution; it is part of the national problem.


  5. Roadkill, in the spirit of our African ancestors should not be buried on land. There should be a law to enforce that. Seriously. Any body fluids oozing from this piece of roadkill should be placed in a garbage bag. That bag loaded with heavy concrete blocks should be taken by a garbage truck dumped that in the sea. Return if possible. RIP.


  6. Another one gone . Look he have the death sign parading in the air . Continue to twist those fingers in the air . Wonder who's gonna be next.


  7. By summer hippolyte r.i.p. coco rest in perfect peace i know i didnt get to see you about 1 year and months but im in grade 3 now keep on living in heaven watch us o.t.f. forever! gone but never ever forgoten and my money you die eh youll see


    • Lol summer go n rest ur bones n go teach mossel his words lolol...... U too deep lol ah her money WHAT MONEY LOLOL n off my foot don't engage in his my sweet summer


  8. R.I.p to u my nigger noff love ....THE ghetto girls got ur back coco ...767 we rep u coco ...me cya believe u gone so soon ... Burst a shot for a real nigger


  9. ???????❤will love you always my coco love! Bitter sweet memories you left me with now babe. I give thanks I was able to spend yesterday with you...to do everything once more!My love.


  10. Jah know i eh wish bad on no man ...but dem waste yutes in castries need to be exterminated..fellas protecting di struggle instead of preserving their life ..


  11. Retaliation is a must, couple shot one dead in mash town , somebody have to drop now d next ting nuff of democracy little country boys coming in town to pose up with bad ppl and they still lost , always lacking. Uwp restore confidence now ,operation take down


    • Salop officer people children u want to shoot and kill with your operation take down


    • yes uh leaving country to come in town to kill an rob people ,all of them like inside grass street too much.Dirty dogs with no ambition


  12. This is a sign of gross disrespect and very poor taste. Our national symbols should never be on display with such a story. Take it down. Stupid ... ignorant ... people!

    Now put the road kill in garbage truck and dump it in the sea.


  13. All u society talking about American copy cat saloptay but d batty man ting you'll in it full 100,tings are Teflon our here who feels it knows it.rip coco hope nun my ppl involved wen u see mad max big up that psycho for me...


  14. The moment u die is now they got all type of things to say...when u was alive they did not had mouth....not everyone gonna love u...nd i did know u new that for yourself RIP again....Rep DOMINICA......


  15. R.I.P coco....life goes on g there's a place for everyone....ur memories stay on "Rep...Dominica...." wi all got to die....


  16. Everyone in Saint Lucia should be concerned about the rise in gun violence because it affects all of us.
    Does anyone remember the shooting incident that took place after a boat ride (last year I think)? Well guess what, they didn't care who was or wasn't there, they just opened fire. Bullets are blind and have no regard for the innocent that gets hurt in the process.


  17. For all the people sharing love and bigging him up I hope y'all did it when he was alive. I hope you told him to try to change his life and I hope you know that comment in his support did nothing for him his family or his legacy. Don't be a dumb ass if you love somebody or care about them preach preservation of life not gang affiliation.


  18. No matter how we try to avoid it someone has to be bad so we can learn from their mistakes and someone has to be good so we can be inspired.. So let's not be judgemental.. Life will going on


  19. He's not an American throwing up hand he aint bad either those fellas coping american style look how stupid he looks in the pics lucian style?


  20. That's how he lost his father too do u remember Popa maybe 20 years ago from cacao babonneau smh sure is generation tria believe it or not


    • Irelavant who asked u this wen he was alive yall cudnt say that to him stfu rip cuz


  21. I don't understand, what makes a man think that he is "badder" than everyone else. Nobody wants to be violated, and killing you is as easy as going off and shifting a finger.
    I knew him, he has threatened and robbed me, but it's ok. His life is much more important than what he took from me. Lawless retaliation is often a senseless and vicious cycle, but somebody will do it.
    Even the guy who shot him, his time is coming... His thugs who are thinking of retaliating, their time would come if they decide to.
    Can't say I'm surprised, people will retaliate. Treat people with worth. Stop the senseless violence and appreciate the life of others.


    • You're a good person to have suffered at the hands of the deceased and not relishing at his demise. St.Lucia needs more person like you


    • The issue here is collateral damage. Sometimes the innocent ends up in the crossfire.
      Imagine driving home from church with your children at the back at 12 in the afternoon. Two thugs are having an argument on either side of the road when one decides to start shooting at the other while you're passing; your windscreen gets shot up... (true story by the way).


  22. Rest Easy Mob....alot of jackasses commenting shit here but jah know how it stay mob....Gone Too Soon G


  23. Honestly I feel sorry for the guy but at the end you live by the gun you must die by the gun. You cannot plant negativity and expect to get chocolate and ice cream as the reward
    The family members that was hiding for him when the police come around knowing fully well the kind of person he was i wonder what y'all will be saying now


  24. Them JACKASS fellas really think they are Americans...
    My nigga, My G, thug life, blah blah blah...

    THAT's WHY YOU ALL GETTING SHOT DOWN IN THE STREETS... copying other people's life style, throwing up gang sings... COPY CAT BAD MAN !!

    You not in America Foolish !! you all like to watch too TV.,.You are not an American , YOU ARE NOT...You are NOT A BAD MAN EITHER...I don't recognize none of you... Cause I see most of you as COPY CATS, looking for respect in all the wrong ways.


    • so its ok in 'Ammerica' ?? smh. speak something sensible because we all copy something wether it is positive or negative, are you still wearing clothes that was high fashion in the 8o;s ? nope we all have to copy, make a contribution like : i pray yall come to yall senses and stop the viloence


  25. Aa to us law abiding citizens I don't c how we can even be worried dat guy is dead. Just another wannabe feel them is somebody by wearing gold chains, pouch and locks. Taking pics to show off guns. Just follow fashion to what they c on tv. Seemed like he had kids he was not even feeding. What positive use did that guy hv alive? I know some buddies will lumbase me. But hv we not realise guys that we should turn our lives around. The possibility of gun or knife death is so high when lvn a thug life in Lucia. U do a man a thing he will get u back eventually. Lucia small plus it easy to get a gun. So stop the old life and be positive young men. Don't hv to follow the crowd. I born n raise on around 3 blocks n bad boys but I vowed to be different and original. Just wait for the next targeted shooting n watch the pics.


    • Where the fuck does that come in .abt kids n not feedin we new who n wat he was guess wat we still love him n always will ..get someone to love your sorry ass .. Yal need to stfu if yall hv nun good to say


  26. He that is without sin cast the first stone !!! God loves the sinner but hates the sin . Despite the life he chose he was an Irie person to those he knew.... this one hit home... Return if possible Coco..... you will surely be missed ..... condolences to the Isidore family and friends.....


  27. T.R.U 4 life, yes you live by the gun you die by the gun.
    But for ppl to sit here gossiping about Kim is a joke. Nobody is perfect Kim never came from a broken home he had love hard as it may be to believe. He made a choice and thats the road he followed. Can anyone here say they are without sin , please get over yourself stopping a man from seeing his son is cruel and i know kim loves his boys. Kim (coco) rest in peace now when i return to Lucia I won't see u?? but I will always remember u.


    • i agree 100% with you. Whatever he was I knew him as a good person he was always good and nice to me his sis and I are same age and this guy never once disrespected me in any way. I will miss you Coco won't see you when I come in July.


      • So the fact that he never disrespected you, THINK THATS ITS OK for him to DESRESPECT SOMEBODY ELSE?

        You think that a violent person or a robber will do it to their family? Most likely not, in fact their family may act as facilitators and co-owners/beneficiaries of their spoils. Some family even profit from the death because they could now inherit.

        Most of these young people do come to their senses but is usually after a very bad experience which can cause them their life. Very, Very sad. @ #Donald Trump.


  28. T.R.U 4 life, yes you live by the gun you die by the gun.
    But for ppl to sit here gossiping about Kim is a joke. Nobody is perfect Kim never came from a broken home he had love hard as it may be to believe. He made a choice and thats the road he followed. Can anyone here say they are without sin , please get over yourself stopping a man from seeing his son is cruel and i know kim loves his boys. Kim (coco) rest in peace now when i return to Lucia I won't see u?? but I will always remember u.


  29. all of these so called thugs/badboys have the same stupid look.young guys please be original and stop following that stupid gangsta lifestyle


  30. Man you were 15yrs when I spoke to you about the road you wanted to trod..that's what it leads to.. after I did not even know you at the time..met you lectured you.. and years later.. boom


  31. Need to say something about the baby that die. Lets be honest here. From 5:30 you leave a child in a house sleeping you come back at 6:30 .I mean isn't that crazy. If a mother can be so careless anything can happen. Some times the shoe lace could have been in the crib and the child wake up and got twisted.
    On the mother's part that's neglence. By law she should be arrested. But they will not do it but Iif she was in the states is life in prison. Eh you going at Daxs bring your child with you.


  32. Does not even matter now what kind of life he lived, someone somewhere is hurting, everyone has someone who loves them, let's try to learn from this and change our lifestyle people, please let's thinkGod....


  33. Bodea' meta lame Set Lisi fenee net. None of us is safe anymore we do not know who is our enemy who is our friend.


  34. G I remembered we met at court yea and u said to me ur mom rather you sitting in jail than to be six feet under this touch me to night yea may you rest in perfect peace but i know for sure hmmmm his taken out √π^^π√ the eyes have it my G


  35. I don't rejoice death on anyone but the way you make your bed is how you will sleep. Btw I'm just here for the comments ???


  36. You need to Shut your a** a sapp!! If the dude was living a life of crime it's only normal that he dies like that. And Ive been calling death on people from 7...I am 39 now and going strong. Right now I'm just chillin...........with bae.

    Bae: Shortayyyyyy


  37. Young people pray more!! Saint Lucian wake up come together this can't be the state our country has become!! Politicians wake up the country is bleeding everything isn't about yall! St.lucians unit!! Young men this isn't the life for yall. Ask for forgiveness turn to god...maysia away for our country ???


  38. Knew this guy from school days and he was pure trouble, seemed like he came from a broken home with a generational curse since he lost some other relatives in the same way . Young people if you live by the sword , you shall die by it ! Feel sorry that a life which could have been so meaning was lost so easily and stupidly .


    • Stop hiding behind this news source and be braver with ur comments which broken home he came from an waiting


      • Family, read to understand, not to reply. The person commented and said it SEEM like he came from a broken home based on the way he was behaving in school.


  39. Are u proclaiming the photo that he asked for it?i realy dont know where the media is getting those dead wannabe gansta,s foto but im certainly sure its not from their parents.


  40. and everybody afraid of Castries ?
    everywhere else that hot them days let me see yall judge them uh
    buh then again that's kiddies war


  41. Rip ma nigga TRU till you die. thug in thug out. You no we don't cry tears we cry blood when thugs cry


    • Vengeance is the lords.I know y'all think God has forgotten y'all but he hasn't... Everyone has a free will. What God doesn't hinder he allows. But he is always just and love. I'm sorry for your loss but God's promises are the same for all of us,to prosper us, give us hope and a future. We can only claim protection and favor from God when we strive to obey him. It will not be easy but it is worth it. This world only has quick fixes and death....T. R. U. Truth, Respect and Unity.... God is the only truth, God is respect and God is unity. I pray his will be done for all you in this family. The enemy has deceived you all but God will answer anyone who will call upon his name.


      • This guy 'god' seems to me a totally useless individual.
        Can't stop violence, cant stop famine, cant stop little children getting cancer, certainly can't stop total idiots like this getting killed (which is probably a good thing).


        • Fartypants
          If God hands weren't in this world u for starters wouldn't be alive today and things would have been so much worse. And yes things can get better once we obey ... but i don't see us doing that. so ofcourse things will go wrong. Good is a great God but He is also a terrible God.
          best believe that


    • That's your "Nigga" and you never encouraged him to stop the crazy life he was living? Now you want to come and cry blood. Shut your coocoon!


      • If you brave enough to tell her that, be brave enough to show your face an face a real TRU nigga like me. In your head


    • Abeh throw yourself in the casket too. Save someone the time and trouble and help keep the country safe


  42. Shit boyy..why u kidd? we gon hot up dese streets for u bruh r.i.p. its on.


  43. Smh i feel sorry for ur son that doesn't know u but in a way I rejoice his mother never allowed u to b around him. You were a murderer , thief n rapist R. I. P one less frustration in our midst


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