Update from the St. Lucia Pool Association

Update from the St. Lucia Pool Association


PRESS RELEASE – The 16 man Singles Nigel Eudoxie Invitational Race to 5 knock Out was held at Nigel Eudoxie’s residence on 26th November, 2016.

The semi-finals matches for the competition were as follows: Sunil John vs Rolif Morris and Dwain Edward vs Chris Bellas. The final match saw an enthralling encounter between Dwain Edward and Sunil John. With a score of 5-4, Dwain Edward emerged victorious over a very experienced and talented group of competitors.

A team of five players from Martinique will be arriving in St. Lucia on 9th December, 2016 to play a friendly tournament against the St. Lucian team who earlier in the year took part in the Kweyol Cup in Martinique.

Match are scheduled to take place over 2 days, Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th December, from 9:09 am at Nigel Eudoxie’s residence in Aupicon, Vieux Fort.

The tournament will start off with an 8 ball match in which each player will play one game. This will be followed by two singles matches , one doubles match and one singles match on Day 1.

On Day 2 there will be one singles match followed by one doubles match and three singles matches.

All matches except the first will be race to 5 games.In the event that the score is 5-5 after the 10 matches, there will be a tie breaker race to 5 match between the two captains of their designated players.

Earlier this year the St. Lucian team beat the Martinique team 6-3 to capture the Kweyol Cup.

The Open Doubles Best of 3 Knock out Competition originally scheduled for Saturday December 17th has been postponed to early 2017.

A full calendar of Pool events for 2017 is expected to be announced very soon.


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