UPDATE: Four more people injured in ongoing gang war

UPDATE: Four more people injured in ongoing gang war
This Castries shooting is part of the war between gangs in Castries and Vieux Fort, according to sources.
This Castries shooting is part of the war between gangs in Castries and Vieux Fort, according to sources.

(SNO) – One day after four people sustained gunshot wounds at Westhall Group in Vieux Fort town, police have not made any arrests however they are investigating reports that the motive for the attack stemmed from a war between two known gangs.

Inspector of Police Marcellinus Leonce told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) Saturday evening, June 30, that while the police have received reports that a gang is responsible for the attack, they won’t be able to confirm this theory unless people speak to the police.

Leonce said it is always difficult getting witnesses and victims to talk when gang violence is suspected.

However, he said the police have “clues” they’re working on to help their investigations.

Two males were reported to have carried out the attack, but Leonce said he also heard that it was a total of four persons who attacked the residents.

He said if the police is able to get at least two of these persons in custody to question them, then the investigators will have a better idea of what is really going on.

The attack on Friday occurred shortly after 4 p.m.

One man sustained gunshot wounds to his leg and buttocks, and the one to his behind travelled to his stomach, Leonce said, adding that this victim appears to be the most serious of the four victims.

He was scheduled to undergo surgery, Leonce said.

While the police are searching for clues, they’re always keeping a keen eye out for more attacks. Residents have reported to be on edge because they expect more shootings.

One resident, who wished to remain anonymous, claimed the latest shooting stemmed from a gun attack on May 29, 2018 in Castries that left one dead and four injured.

The resident said it is a “gang war” between hoodlums from Castries and Vieux Fort, and when the major players in the war are not found, their enemies tend to target relatives and innocent residents, like what happened on George Shine Drive on Friday afternoon.

“Innocent bystandaers were caught in the war yesterday,” the resident added. “The police knows this and need to be more proactive. They know who the players are.”


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  1. La Clery Boys. Roots Radics on grass street and marchand (the biggest) Bone Crusher in Brucevile


  2. Who cares let them kill each Vieux-Fort need a purge, Kenny and company make a mess and leave them all swimming in shit. I SAY DRAIN THE SWAMP BUNCH OF IDIOTS.


  3. I use to leave westhall group, am from der, born n raise. My families n friends still leave in da mangue n with all dem shootings i PRAY nun eh get shot by a stray bullet. O lord plz guide my fam n also all innocent ppl thru da days n nights. Bless


  4. Something has got to be done, rather sooner than later to stop this upsurge in gang rivalry. If the St.Lucian authorities cannot handle the situation, please seek assistance from outside. This has got to stop one way or another!


  5. And you sound as if you (note correct grammar) are afraid of the tragic reality which is staring you right in the eye.


  6. Very true. You keep silent or you lose your life. They themselves setting you up. I think they need to rotate these officers every three months within the Caribbean and then results will be seen because there are no blood related officer so no cover up when crimes are done. all the criminals will be caught. Our officers deal like that : you my family so you do what you want and we make that pass undercover. Stupid officers we have here.


  7. True. You don't see this happening in Rodney bay or cap estate so the police know it's a war of gangs


  8. Where is the long disappeared parliamentary representative for Castries Central, Mrs. Beaubrun?
    Where is the IMPACS report?
    Why does this government do NOTHING?


    • Are you a complete idiot or are you flippin drunk? What is the damn use of a report now?

      Gangs are fighting gangs. Are you a jackass?

      Should any representative, any parliamentary representative, be that person be Red or Yellow, try to be a go-between these gangs of murderous rascal thugs?

      Do you remember how permanent the Minister of Gang Warfare and Appeasement's efforts were? Do you remember the boat ride and the football matches? Who knows what else was going on?

      An MP knew who the creeps were. See? They were given a VIP boat ride and then "safe passage" back into society to do more social damage. More criminality. More revolting violence.

      That was classic legal aiding and abetting

      Unless the offspring of these people can carve out a new life for themselves, these POS, the real spawn of the devil will carry out revenge attacks like they do in Sicily, in Italy for generations to come.

      We have sown the wind. We are reaping the whirlwind. We are not raising children. We are breeding vermin.

      Imagine that even the woman, with no drug connections got hit by one of those bullets. What a blasted national curse, these pieces of sh--.


      • There is no leadership in this country. Your sad, overheated comment illustrates perfectly the confusion, the lack of understanding and the frustration of our citizenry. Unfortunately, you can't do better than accuse the kids of being "vermin." We need leaders and we don't have any - on either side. We need leadership. We are one hurricane away from anarchy.


  9. Tier statement from the resident was stupid. The police are literally asking for help. They need statements. Without it then you'll just end up suffering and blaming the police for your own inaction


    • And the police will reveal these sources. Actually happened to me on a minor issue. Reported to the police. A cop mentioned my name to the individual. Now the individual is harassing me.


        • Leonce and most of them in the vieux fort station they work for the gangs with the gangs. They don't value witnesses they make it they duty to make it known that you are a witness these police can solve lots of crimes the choose not to they don't want to do anything


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