UPDATE: Fire leaves family of six homeless

UPDATE: Fire leaves family of six homeless
Remains of the verandah .
Remains of the verandah.

While the country celebrates Jounen Kweyol with festivities and merriment, a family of six in Rockhall, Marchand is wondering what to do next after a fire destroyed their one-storey, three-bedroom house on Sunday night.

SNO understands that the fire started at about 9:15 pm, and despite the valiant efforts of the firefighters, the house, which was made mainly of zinc and wood, was flattened within minutes.

No one was injured, but a dog and a few chickens were not so lucky as they perished in the fire.

Lynde Cazaubon told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that he was at home with his seven-year-old son when he decided to “go up the road”. Shortly after he was alerted and observed that his house was on fire.

Cazaubon said his son was at a neighbour’s yard when he arrived on the scene.

Cazaubon said he lived at the house with his girlfriend and their son, her two step-children who were with their father at the time of the incident, and Cazaubon’s sister.

His girlfriend, Chantal Joseph, told SNO that she was at work at Morgan Bay Beach Resort when she observed a house on fire in the Marchand area. She said her location at work gives one a clear view of Castries, including Marchand.

While wondering whose house was on fire, Joseph said she decided to check her cell phone — which was on silent all the time – and observed numerous missed calls from numbers she did not recognize.

Joseph said she then asked her supervisor/boss permission to investigate the calls, and was devastated when she learned it was her house on fire.

She was unable to say what caused the fire. She however told SNO she understood it was her son who was alone at home, with the father nearby, when the fire started.

She questioned why the incident had to happen at this time.

“It’s not like I was out partying or anything. I was working,” she said in between tears.

The couple said the house was not insured.

Neighbours told SNO that not much could have been done to save the house as the fire devoured the wooden structure as quickly as the fire team arrived.

Neighbours also confirmed that the father was not at home when the fire started. One neighbour told SNO that the child ran out of the house when he saw the fire. However, no one could say what or who started the fire.

NOTE: Anyone willing to assist this family recover, please contact them at 713-9778 (Chantal Joseph), and 722-2839 (Lynde Cazaubon) for more information.


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  1. why we make sure negtive statement about jounen kweyol thing do happen every day pleease lets pray for the victims.


  2. It saddens me to things of that nature happen to people.May god comfort them in their loss and provide them with the help to get back on their feet once again....


  3. I just Hate to hear things like that happen to people homes,it's not a good thing at all,am so sorry for the family i hope they get the help that is needed for them to get back on they feet.


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