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UPDATE: Fire in Vieux Fort

By SNO Staff

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An abandoned concrete structure was destroyed by fire on New Dock Lane, Vieux Fort town this afternoon, officials said.

Emergency services received the call at 12:48 p.m.

A fire official said no one was in the building at the time the fire started but the structure was normally occupied by a vagrant.

Two fire trucks and an ambulance responded.

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  1. Smoothie Princess

    Poor guy. Now he has to search for a new roof over his head. PS. What's up with all those fires in St. Lucia.

  2. Abandoned buildings shoul be demolish,because sure vagrants will occupy.Then people's house's will be in danger,get the homeless off the street's they need homes or to be put in a shelter.And most of them are drug user's with addictions.These people need to be cleaned up detoxed and counseled.They are a neusianc to the communities.They high and crazed.


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