UPDATE: Chopping victims identified

UPDATE: Chopping victims identified
One of the victims of the chopping incident in Belair Sunday afternoon. He is missing his nose and some fingers. The major wounds in the photo have been edited by SNO.
One of the victims of the chopping incident in Belair Sunday afternoon. He is missing his nose and some fingers. The major wounds in the photo have been edited by SNO.

Police have identified the victims in Sunday’s chopping incident in Belaire, near Marigot.

They are 31-year-old Martin Willie, also known as Tempo or Kieran, and 55-year-old St. Claire Augustin, also known as Compton/Lion, both of Belaire.

Police said in a press release that at about 2:45 p.m. on Sunday, October 13, 2013, officers attached to the Marigot Police Station received a report of grievous harm at Belaire.

“The officers proceeded to the scene and observed two males lying on the ground with multiple slash wounds about the body. They received information that the two males were in the vicinity of the Belaire Community Centre when they were attacked by a group of men armed with cutlasses,” the press release added.

The injured men have been admitted at Victoria Hospital.

Police said the matter is under investigation.

PREVIOUS REPORT on Oct. 13, 2013: UPDATE: 2 injured in Belair chopping incident

Photographs of a man missing his nose and several fingers, and reports of body parts “everywhere” are revelations of the butchery which occurred in Belair, allegedly between two rival gangs in the community mid-Sunday afternoon.

Reports are that men from Upper Belair, described as the “Old Belair”, and those from what is called the “new development” in Belair, were involved in a bloody brawl.

Two men have been hospitalised with one in serious condition.

A resident described the scene as gruesome.

“There are body parts all over the place. It’s a gruesome scene,” the resident said.

“None of them are dead but there a lot of blood and fingers on the ground… even a nose,” the resident added.

Reports are that the incident is a long-standing feud between men from the community.

“It was a one-for-all gang fight. Cutlasses, a lolobef and a sword were used,” another resident told St. Lucia News Online (SNO). “The guys from the Upper Hill didn’t have time to use the sword. Deh send it to the grass. That’s a feud from so long. The guys just don’t mingle with each other.”

A vehicle was reportedly damaged in the brawl.

SNO will provide more information on this incident as soon as it becomes available.


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  1. i am from the east and i have been hearing things from the fellars from new belair and fron the time they came and live belair they have been looking 4 troble with the people from mon belair .from the time they move them from mellet and the parents i not telliny them 2 stop they are pushing them 2 fight so all of the people that are say nagative thing u dont no what the pople from new belair has none 2 the people of mon belair .and am not from belair and i no about it bucz once i was i the sam thing bucz of the new belair people


  2. It sounds like the guy who got chopped was troublesome but honestly nobody eh deserve to get slash in that kinda way...if he lives through that he damaged for live...n I cah see anything funny bout that yet cuz if was ur brother or father that happened to trust me u wouldn't be laughing


  3. I believe that the country should start a program to target the ongoing gang activity by keeping the gang members occupied. The problem is that many of these fellas on the block do not want to look for work. They sit around and smoke weed all day. I also blame the parents(mothers) for the kind of discipline they raised their children with.


  4. I really think that the police should have been more involved with the pleas of the young men who made reports on many occasions. I not too happy with such a gruesome outburst but all those things could have been prevented if those pleas weren't fallen on death ears. For those of you saying bring back the so called "Operation Restore Confidence", I would suggest you think before you type. This the same reason why our police force was denied partaking in the training program in the USA, and everyone wants to know why we weren't allowed to take part. I guess most of you like police brutality.


    • I agree that those asking for the reinstatement of Operation Restore Confidence should think before the type. Then they are the same ones who will blame the government for the country's police force loosing US aid. I have been in constant contact with my family from New Development Belair and I have been made aware of the turn of events and what really transpired. Mr. Willie along with his accomplice came into the community with the intent of starting trouble. Futhermore, he had five guys waiting lower down the road as he attempted to lure the boys from New Development closer to Upper Belair where they would have been Ambushed by the waiting five other young men from Upper Belair. You see I tell people, never talk until you have the full story. Also the Marigot Police will have to answer a whole lot of questions.


  5. OPERATION RESTORE CONFIDENCE!! That's all i have to say about that. Bring it back and the UNITED WORKERS PARTY! I rest my case.


    • wat does politics have to do wif that ppl dont have GOD IN THEIR LIFE ANYMORE thats the problem not politics


  6. I ve been reading some of u'll comment but I no the keiran guy very well because i'm from the old belair and I give him wrong cuz he looks 4 he trouble he getting cuz he was giving the new belair boys boundary and he wants to go where there living whenever he wants and 2 leave ur home with a cutlass to the new belair is trouble u looking 4 so i'm not happy that happen 2 him but it should teach him a lesson cuz its the third time they beat him already but this time it was worst


  7. What is Saint Lucia coming to when people can hack each other like this? What happened there in this normally peaceful village of "Dr. Dolittle" Marigot is ghastly, gruesome and macabre to say the least.

    Words fail me to describe how grisly the scene may have looked to onlookers and eyewitnesses. Why do people carry these offensive weapons in the lovely isle of St Lucia? Why oh Why?
    The police have their work cut out. I think they need to do more by way of apprehending these noisome characters who carry machetes,cutlasses knives and swords. Only farmers and butchers should be allowed to carry these weapons for their line of work - even then they should shield it from public view.

    St Lucia simply cannot allow people to get away with the planning and carrying out of such sickening and vile acts.This obscene massacre could have been prevented had the authorities acted earlier. I am pretty sure they may have known about these odious individuals and their hostility towards each other in the community.

    The antagonism and rivalry that existed goes way back according to this report. Why wasn't anything done about it in the first place?Why was such antagonism allowed to rear it's ugly head before something was done?The loss of limbs scattering all over the place could have been averted. What is St Lucia turning to right now?

    I am appealing to the Police of St Lucia to claim the streets, towns and villages of our splendid isle back from these hideous, horrid frightful cowards and losers.It's time to act now RSLPF...It's time to do.
    Malcolm L'overture


  8. why are they fighting? Do they really know? Lord put a hand.These selfish bastards should think of the pain their families are going through.


  9. Wow...some of u should really read before hitting the enter key...grammar error and incorrect spelling of words. So quick to answer or throw remarks at other people but do not have the time to proof read what they typed. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. Post your comment and ignore what the other "BRILLIANT" assholes has to say.