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UPDATE: Child doing fine after alleged attempted abduction in Ciceron: “He screamed his lungs out”

By SNO Staff

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Scratch on child’s arm as a result of the alleged abduction attempt. (Photo: HTS video still image)

(SNO) — A nine-year-old boy is said to be doing okay after a masked man allegedly tried to kidnap him in Ciceron, Castries.

HTS News reported that the incident took place on January 15 while the child was on  his way home from school. The boy managed to fend off this alleged abductor and made good his escape with just a few scratches.

“I have always taught him to scream when somebody tries to get hold of him and I am so thankful that he remembered that,” the grandmother of the minor told HTS. “He screamed his lungs out.”

He then fled to safety.

“When she was home and she heard some screaming and the scream was coming towards her house,” the grandmother explained. “So she ran outside to see where it was coming from. Lo and behold it was he running down the hill, screaming.”

She went on to say the child tried to rush through the gate and said someone tried to kidnap him. According to the grandmother, the child explained that the person had a mask and tried to grab him.

“The person held on to his lunch bag but he dropped the bag and he ran off,” she stated.

But the ordeal for the family did not end there. The grandmother claimed that when a report was made to the Criminal Investigation Department, some sort of exchange ensued.

“To me, I mean, not just because it’s a minor, but any individual to make a report like this, to me the police should at least come to give you some comfort, come and check the area, at least let people see that police is around looking, checking,” she stated. “Nobody came.”

She said comments made by the police on the matter “was not good enough”.

HTS said it has learnt that senior police officers have intervened and is now part of the investigation.

The grandmother said the child suffered only minor bruises on his arm. He is now back at school but the family said he will not be walking back home on his own.

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  1. The child may seem fine after his ordeal. A caring and support system should be put in place as his ordeal can have a tremendous upheaval in his life – in can manifest as fear of being alone, of sleeping or even in learning.

  2. The police only wants to sit down ,go after women and man and pack by some bar with the vehicles .most times you see a few during day time night time they no where to be found.

  3. Scary stuff


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