BREAKING NEWS: Two suspects sought in foiled robbery in Babonneau

By SNO Staff

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The suspect gunman was severely beaten and stripped of his clothing.

Police are searching for two suspects in connection with the foiled armed robbery at a bar/shop in Girard, Cacao, Babonneau early Sunday morning in which an alleged bandit was disarmed and beaten by residents, according to Assistant Superindent Gregory Alexander of the Police Public Relations Department.

According to Alexander, the Babonneau Police Station was alerted about the incident around 1 a.m. on Sunday and officers proceeded to the scene where they apprehended one of the assailants.

Alexander said the officers observed that the suspect had bruises all over his body and he was transported to hospital.

Alexander said the suspect is currently in stable condition. He is expected to be charged following his release from hospital.

18013072_10209015615499820_2122040533_oIn the meantime, police are searching for two other persons suspected to have been involved in the crime, Alexander said.

It is believed that the other two persons were in a car that transported the captured suspect to the business place. The car reportedly drove off after their alleged accomplice was caught.

A relative of the shop owner, who prefers to remain anonymous, told St. Lucia News Online that the business community has been suffering because of a number of armed robberies.

“We want the public to know because that is not the first time they are coming and rob people in the area,” she said. “Because we have a lady higher up the road, she has a shop. And the lady willing to close her shop because they robbed her once last year and two times for the year already, at gunpoint and with mask.”

Commenting on the incident, the relative added: “So he (the alleged gunman) came in, he burst a shot, and he ask them to ‘pass it’, he asked my uncle to ‘pass it’ so my uncle moved fast and think fast,” the relative explained. “So he tell him he don’t have money … he (the gunman) end up going on the other side where the fellas gambling, then my uncle rush outside and close the door and prevented him from going outside. And that’s how my uncle was able to take the gun from him and then they start giving him licks.”

By the time the suspect was handed over to the police, he was bleeding profusely and required immediate attention.

“The people in the area made him talk,” the relative noted.


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  1. Lucian’s learn to spell creol words properly. Or just write only in English. It’s hard to understand what some of y’all saying.

  2. I can never believe there are persons who is supporting these criminals anyway God will do what he has to do on his own time because some people are to evil some of y’all are heartless what if the guy happen to kill the shop owner everyone would be singing a different song but what is wrong with y’all minds I think we got lots of mad and off people so what y’all saying y’all vex for the treatment he got, it could have been my son in the situation that would be his problem when u can’t learn the easy way u learn it the hard way, good job shop ownervd

  3. His bosses from agard that send him , check them there, lil punk ass , woman beater , they shoulda kill the dog , lil bitch

  4. The sad thing is the boy have a good job . He left work at eleven in the night to go and do that Crap! Shameful

  5. There seems to be a bigger problem. Having read one of the comments from someone who knows the guy, it appears as if this is out of character for him. Not sure of he is a deck deck as they say and vulnerable to this brazen act. Was he forced to do it? Is there a boss who capitalises on the vulnerable and weak just like you have a pimp for prostitutes, you have that sort of situation involving young men. The “victims” collect the loot and give it to the boses. We as a society really need to speak to our children. Crime has definitely taken a different dimension.

  6. A dead dog cannot back. Next time remember that. And I hope every eye witness turn moo moo

  7. That was a half ass beating if he already in stable condition! They didn’t do him enough sehtee! Deaux ban volleh! Go work for you own leaving or check Ubuldick for $700 on the low! His life was spared which means he will do it again one a thief always will be! They shoulda push a stick up his ass give him a good taste of what comes with prison time!

  8. he snitch on his boys lol i agree share the licks

  9. This is jus ss sad of many crimes tht hv been done…he is not a criminal to be beaten so.many of wat av read jus shows how ignorant sum of us are….Am not condoning any one but he shud not hv been beaten n left out naked so y take off his clothes? To bear him wit licks n make a mockery out of him on social media?? A hard workin fella n he is one who got caught in this stupidness,yy my brother y…..The main one is the one to be charged with this…I leave it in the hands of the police also to charge the ppl who beat him up to.Ppl shud not b stripped out on their hard working investments but i mean,like tht thts sad#doe cum for me#

    • So its okay to ‘burst a shot’ in the air and demand for money? What if he had hurt someone? People like you that encouraging those ‘fellas’ to do those things with your Saloptay statement
      If you don’t teach them a lesson they would never learn

  10. They should squeeze his balls to make him say who his accomplices are and secondly he shouldn’t be alive today to live ttell the story on second thoughts they should pluck out his eye n cut off his right hand or both

  11. Where is the fire arm though!! I hope they turned it over to the authorities!!

    • The rate things going in glad I didn’t get hold of the fiyah cause I’d keep this bitch! For future use thank you!


    So, who is it are they looking for? the names should be given,, makes it harder for them to hide
    it a shame! say their names. I will help you find them, and my neighbours too, and their friends and my friends and cousins and unties…lol

  13. I hope the two will be apprehended soon. They also needs to be punished. The suspect is already in “stable” condition, then the beating was not as severe as I thought. This guy should never be able to commit any crime again!

    • I agree chop off both hands at the wrist! That’s nonsense people working for their hard earned living and you busy pumping weights to handle firearm! Coward little pieces of shits!! They should squeeze his left balls out of place! Foleh!!

  14. Fan bodaye

  15. PASS IT NIGGA, PASS IT… More of you all have to get PLOCK even SHOT DEAD !! when you all enter the wrong establishment… All the business community have to do is put their heads together and start executing you all. USA ain’t going to help when you all start going down like flies.

  16. Good for him…

  17. He shouldve been killed as a warning to the others.Some one should have taken down the plates of the car & hopefully track it down & burn it,hopefully with the 2 escaped culprits inside.

    No mercy at all for these LAZY HOODLUMS who refuse to give honest hard working people a break.But I am still glad that the people of The community took action.wish it was recorded.

    • you said it right

    • Had it been recorded, miss criminal rights (Mary Francis) would use it as evidence to call for the conviction of the ppl who beat him. She would turn their right into their wrong. Good job, teach him a good lesson, no recording just his battered body & crushed ego. They must learn

      • Hater of bullshitt

        I want to see mary francis get raped. Robbed n beaten.. lemme see if she wud let the criminal Express his rightsn let him go free..its easy to talk shit to sound most holy n upright wen is not ur foot the shoes squeezing

    • you’re a piece of ( you know what !!) ..That the sort of society you’d like you evil fool! Why not restrain and allow the law to take it’s course, I hope they arrest those who beat the young man up.

      • I hope the next time he robs, it’s you he does it too. I’m sure you’ll be singing another tune when the 12 gauge is pointed at you!!

      • St. lucians are godless and ignorant people with no morals. No wonder their government treats them like mules and fools…. How could you people do this to someone? Why not call the police? These days lucians are bloodthirsty and passing their frustrations on those as poor as themselves, instead of holding those in high places accountable for acts of corruption. A nation of hypocrites!! Nigerians and Haitians act better than those in this land of fools!!

        • Take several chairs and sit your tail down! Why beat him they should have chopped his fingers off and one arm the whole arm!

      • wish it was you he had held up . you would not be singing this song right now. dumb ass

      • He is not as innocent as you think. He has previously robbed a woman and pull a knife on another person. So it looks to me that this is not new to him. The public were right to beat him and humiliate in public and social media. I sure he’ll think twice before committing a crime again after what happened to him. ….and people…do the right thing and make a report I’m order for the police to arrest him and who ever was involved. We cannot have these criminals out on the streets

  18. HAHAHA THEY PANTS THE BULLA !!… After they take off your clothes in that botched robbery attempt you better retire !! Cause you a MACUMERE !! HAHAHA !!

  19. Vigalante Justice

    That was some serious cut ass. Hats off to the people of Girard Cacao!


  21. No risk , no reward salop…u get ur reward idiot

  22. The shopowner should be charge for attempted murder

  23. See ou parka tan ou kai kopan!! They like too much easy money and don’t want to go sweat to earn it. Yoo bein pwe chew

  24. Yeah because that one in the hospital know where to find them..The thief them they would not find something to do but robbed and kill.People should not lie down and die.Helucky is beat they beat him.Menace to society nothing good.


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