BREAKING NEWS: Scores of employees lose their job at Windjammer Landing

BREAKING NEWS: Scores of employees lose their job at Windjammer Landing

As much as 50 employees are expected to lose their jobs in an ongoing “restructuring exercise” at Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort in Labrelotte Bay, Gros Islet, according to reliable sources.

The restructuring stems from consistent low occupancy rates and a “downturn” in the local tourism market, sources said.

Managerial and junior staff have been affected by the redundancy exercise, sources said.

An employee, speaking on condition of anonymity, said employees are being sent home from as early as Wednesday, and more are expected to be sent home this Friday.

The employee said about 30 employees have already been sent home.

Prior to the exercise, the all-inclusive resort employed 472 persons, according to sources.

Sources say if the financial situation worsens as much as 50 percent of the total workforce will face the breadline.

Senior managers have declined to officially comment on the situation at this time.


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  1. Good morning,
    You guys continue to fight insulting each other's and focus on disputing what same one else is saying without understanding that all of you have a part of right.
    There is no only one reason to justify what is happening in the beautiful St Lucia and there is not only one solution to try fix the problems. Lets keep politics side not involving in constructive discussions.
    To develop any business any government have to guaranty security and low burocrazy and hight standard to the visitors came for tourism or business.
    More diversifie is an economy more is sensitive to temporary downtrend .
    Talking supporting people remain with no job is just propaganda this peoples nee to have same real economical help and same training to be able to go working on a different sector if the previous one is in a crisis period.
    The government and the business men of any country big and small have to try to became innovator try change them products and offer to the public new stuff.
    World change we have to change too. Peoples aspectations in business has changed we need to fast adapt our mind and business as well.
    I could continue for ever talk with many proposals and ideas but is time you guys stop to argue stop think that politics is the solution of the problems and start to collaborate together with real proposals for the government. If them listen great if not well next election will go. No matter which colour theme are....
    And remember again no country will never been move forward until violence crime and corruption remain as so hight level unfortunately.
    Good Luck


  2. I am amazed that people in SLU are so ignorant...Windjammer problem started a long time before UWP came to power, its a pity employees were not taking note of this, Ts Lucian's like to be too comfortable in Hotels Job, they are not forever......SLP or UWP have no power to stop those hotel from cutting their looses.
    Hotels job are not guarantee jobs, hotels comes and goes......blaming SLP and UWP for everything will not change anything. Don't forget the garment industries hundreds of people were depending on for a living, when they closed down people blame Government except our own selves. For example look at small business like the hair salons, those small business are in deep shit, most people are going natural, putting weaves or braids soon hair salons will have to close down because of lack of clients, not making enough to pay high cost rent....should we blame SLP and UWP too. This world are moving into a new direction and only the strong will be able to follow. US Government no longer went investors to go out of the US to create jobs, every Country is looking out for their best interest....NO MORE HELP FOR SMALL COUNTRIES.


  3. Windjammer landing did the exact same thing under the SLP government! Why do you want to blame the government for windjammer landing not marketing their hotel properly and always the poor to pay the people in the lower departments. Poor jab!! I


  4. It is bad economics to put too much investment in one industry. When something goes wrong with that industry the entire country suffers.


  5. They have kept ther friends on I was informed. All thase who are supposed to make money for the Resort are still there in their big positions making good money and still saying that they are not making enough and running down the hotel as all they have are dumb ideas. And, in the meantime people are being sent home due to their lack of creativity to make money and the fearless leader is clueless about running a hotel and trying to me mister nice guy. This place has no proper leader I was told and those behind the scenes are terrible and will ruin the hotel.


  6. Windhammer needs to get realistic on pricing. It is only $200 more per week to stay all inclusive at the Royalton compared to the room only rate at Windjammer. You still havn't eaten. $50 US for a steak, $18 for a burger. Bring a family and you are going to spend $400 a day on food. $85 each way for transfers.
    Want all inclusive...its $180 plus vat plus service per adult per day!!! Insane.
    That is why people are not coming. Get your pricing in check and they will come.


  7. People no job is secure. Even if you are comfortable always have a plan. I have been preaching that for years. There are opportunities online where you can make a solid source of income. And not everything you see online is a scam. If you are skeptical, do research first.

    Here is a link to my website. My plan B


  8. JUST now all those people are sent home and so the rats and the manicou will have enough place for them to live in the hotels. travelling have become more expense i guess you are asking plp to stay in their own country,i guess you alone pm will have all the planes to travel in due time

    BIG UP


  9. I have echoed this on many occasions but who will listen to me, we need to diversify the economy, you don't need a degree in Economics to know that depending on tourism alone will cause prices to increase. We need to go back to agriculture and manufacturing and encourage the hotels to buy local. All the land being given away for US $1.00 should be used as Agricultural farms otherwise hard times ahead for St. Lucia.

    So put to death the sinful, earthly things lurking within you. Have nothing to do with sexual immorality, impurity, lust, and evil desires. Don't be greedy, for a greedy person is an idolater, worshiping the things of this world.

    – Colossians 3: 5


  10. all of you jackasses that saying people voted for this here is a news flash people get fired everyday and also it happen in kenny administration. it happens in all administrations so stop yall chastanet this and that if yall must know when the season is closed or almost dead the hotels always fire people and when it starts to boom they rehire


    • For sure people do get fired every day but it was Hurricane Allen who went to show support for the fired Sandals employees. He made a big show and people like you were shouting "Kenny, Kenny must go". I suppose back then, people were not supposed to get fired but today you say "people get fired every day". Hypocrite!


    • Well you jackass should know that we should diversify.
      The nation voted in the uwp to do better.
      They should be paying attention to that.

      Anonymous is right on point.


  11. The focus is to much on tourism where is agriculture now. Anyway society have to think different and watch of for each other stop depending on government see for yourself.


  12. If St. Lucians close their eyes to whats going on in the real world outside they will always indulge in a never ending blame game. Who knows what is the company's strategy in attracting business while there is a general increase in Tourism market in the Caribbean.


  13. Some people want to blame the government for everything if the hotels were offering a lower rate for locals they would go there but their prices r sky high


  14. There are loads of knowledgeable out who can research out there to get a manufacturing machines there . People put your heads together and but a machine to Managacture fruits and vegetable in wet and dry form organically put your heads together my people . Make research on different aspects such as what they are good for and the symptoms of what they can do . Stop relying on the hotel industry and the government if the Indians can do it you can do it our selves. And start trusting each order to move forward and cut the crime . It's not good hearing what's going on back home from the uk . Wake up government don't want you to have they want you to lend and be in dept for the rest of your lives that's why so many people taking their lives. Don't need much to live on . Support the farmers go to the country side and buy your foods not in the supermarket selling you rubbish which makes you sick such as cancer ,diabetes etc . I'm willing to support if you willing I've started my ball rolling start yours here is my email address [email protected]