BREAKING NEWS: ‘Birdie’ stabbed in the neck and chest in Ciceron

BREAKING NEWS: ‘Birdie’ stabbed in the neck and chest in Ciceron

A young man reportedly sustained stab wounds in Ciceron, Castries this evening, according to sources.

The victim, identified as 22-year-old Imbert Emmanuel, also known as ‘Birdie’, was allegedly stabbed by an adult male who is close to his family, sources said. Emergency services received the report at 6:11 p.m.

Emmanuel reportedly sustained wounds to his neck and chest.

He was transported via ambulance to Victoria Hospital in stable condition.

It was not immediately known if the suspect was arrested.



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  1. If i was a bird i would fly,birdie now that a nickname to give a human being.He was trouble some so he should die,the tongue,is the most dirty organ of our bodies,hear our talk.And birdie like to throw big stones behind people,birdie should have been loked up and yes he could have killed somebody.Look at what jokes and being a pest can do,a man dead.Birdie was saying if any man is not guilty let him cast the first stone,well birdie cast the first stone now he dead,sad way to go.But birdie seems to be guilty of being a pest,poor boy he did not know how to chill, he wwent over the limit he been a clown his whole life look at where it got him.When mr.Temper get out of control,no one knows what in store for them.People don't want you'll jokes,keep it to you'll self.


    • i hate when ppl beat their asses not knowing the situation. The man who stabbed the boy cause endless problems in that family. I would know cuz kimbert is my family and he went through a lot in that man's hand so plllzzzzzzzzzz i would appreciate if u keep ur nasty comments to urself. If u dont know someone's situation then just shut up hope not to be in it urself.


  2. God has surely been pouring down washing the blood for all those cases for the years. Lord we hear you assist us pls


    • I'm sure Birdie was trying to change, although he was already a sweet boy never hurt anyone just a wee bit troublesome


  3. Don't be so negative ppl these are two human beings and there are more sides to this story I'm sure.none of us were there.


  4. Some body need to do something about birdie because he is a mental case and the way he acting and sending those big stones for no reason he will kill someone.


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