UPDATE: Body discovered at Cas en Bas beach in search for Spartan lecturer

UPDATE: Body discovered at Cas en Bas beach in search for Spartan lecturer
Dr. Boopathi Subramaniam. * Facebook phgto
Dr. Boopathi Subramaniam. * Facebook photo

Law enforcement sources have confirmed that the Marine Unit of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force recovered a body at Case en Bas Beach, Gros Islet on Monday, April 2, 2018 during their search for a Spartan Health Sciences University male lecturer, who was washed away on Saturday, March 31, 2018 along with two of his students at Canelles Beach, off the Micoud/Vieux Fort coastline.

Though the body has not yet been formally identified by the authorities, it is believed to be that of Dr. Boopathi Subramaniam, a senior lecturer of the Vieux Fort-based school of medicine, sources said.

Sources said if the body is positively identified as that of the lecturer, it would not be strange that the remains were discovered so far away from the location of the incident, considering the rough seas that are normal in that area.

Reports are that around noon last Saturday, the two students and the lecturer were site-seeing and taking photos on the Cannelles coastline when a large wave lashed the students into the rough sea and swept them away. It was reported that the lecturer, in his attempts to save the students, got into difficulties too and was eventually devoured by the angry waves.

The bodies of the students – a male and female – were recovered hours later on Saturday while the search for the lecturer continued throughout the weekend until the discovery of a body off Cas en Bas beach, around midday on Monday.

All three persons are nationals of India and are attached to Spartan university.


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  2. St.Lucia....To the Media,watch how you'll report news,to much Row Row and Melee....It is Alledged that...Instead of it is believed....No it is believed nobody else was there,but only the 3 Students....Youll can at leadt say it is Speculations that...Youll know to much...And you'll wasn't there...Were there any eye witnesses....Youll giving the story like youll giving it,was this what happened...How you'll believed.St.lucia,St.lucia,St.lucia...Stop that foolishness....We don't know what happened....So stop that it is believed situation.....Before you'll get in trouble for Reporting wrong news one of these days...Choops.


    • Actually, there was a total of 5 students. 2 who drowned along with the wife and son of the spartan lecturer. A total of 8 people.


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