UPDATE: Baby dies in Micoud

UPDATE: Baby dies in Micoud

A Micoud family is still reeling from the unexpected death of a one-and-a-half year-old baby at Desruisseaux, Micoud over the weekend.

Oniel Naitram died on Saturday morning (June 14).

His uncle, Cuthbert Alphonse told Saint Lucia News Online (SNO) that according to his sister, the baby’s mother, the toddler went to sleep on Friday night and did not wake up the following morning.

Alphonse told SNO that the baby had not been ill and was playing with his siblings the night before he died.
“They called me at 4:30 [in the morning] and tell me the child passed away,” Alphonse told SNO.

He said the his sister is distraught about her son’s death.

Alphonse said, so far, medical practitioners have not yet given word as to the cause of death.

Police are investigating.


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  1. Rest in peace. Chances are that it was a case of sudden infant death sydrome. It affects new borns onwards. Condolances to the family. Hope they come to terms with such an innocent loss.


  2. Baby oniel. I used to call him t coollie. I still cant take it in yet. Until I know the cause of death. Im sure he is in a better place. Rip Oniel. (cousin).


  3. Bless his little heart, fly high with the angels little one xxxx sending love to the family x


    • I have a feeling it might be because my cousin's daughter died suddenly in the UK and her cause of death was Sudden Infant Death Syndrome(SID).Really sad and tearful for family and friends.RIP little one.


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