AIMU granted approval to offer Bachelor of Science – Nursing programme in Saint Lucia

AIMU granted approval to offer Bachelor of Science – Nursing programme in Saint Lucia

(PRESS RELEASE) – The American International Medical University (AIMU) is pleased to announce that it has been granted full approval by the Saint Lucia Nursing Council to offer the Bachelor of Science – Nursing (BSN) programme in Saint Lucia.

In a letter to AIMU, the Council advised that AIMU had obtained a commendable review and that the Council “approves the implementation [at AIMU] of the BSN Curriculum effective APRIL 2017.”

The Council continued, “Consequently, the first cohort of students will be eligible to write the Regional Examination for Nurses Registration (RENR) in the October 2021 sitting.”

It should be noted that because the RENR is managed by the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) on behalf of CARICOM, the BSN programme offered at AIMU is fully recognized by the Government of Saint Lucia in general and the Ministries of Health and Education in particular.

An important consequence of this arrangement is that persons who successfully complete the BSN programme at AIMU are eligible to obtain a licence to practice nursing in Saint Lucia and in other CARICOM territories.

AIMU is honoured to be among the first institutions in Saint Lucia which have been approved to offer the BSN programme and takes the opportunity to encourage persons who wish to complete this excellent programme to visit its ambient Campus at Beausejour, Gros Islet and or to call the Student Services Department at 450 0130 Ext 2221.


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  1. Aimu is not accredited what's is the point of doing a bachelor to only be recognized regionally. They should first secure accreditation before offering other programs.


    • Because accreditation takes time!!!!! Did you hear how longgggg it took Spartan. Not even sir Arthur lewis community college is fully accredited.


    • It is the Medical Programme that is not yet accredited. The Nursing Council has approved of this programme and the students have been doing exceedingly well both in their clinical work and the regional examination; have obtained jobs in the medical facilities in St.Lucia, Dominica and the U.S The first time the students wrote the Caribbean Exam, there was a 100% pass.
      The Programme is headed by a devoted St.Lucia nursing educator.


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