Unregulated vehicular access on Sandy Beach a major concern

Unregulated vehicular access on Sandy Beach a major concern

(SNO) – Unregulated vehicular access to certain sections of Sandy Beach in Vieux Fort is a major source of concern to those tasked in protecting the site.

To make matters worst, measures put in place to minimize negative impacts, such as beach erosion, are being tampered with.

“One of the main issues is that of uregulated vehicular access on the beaches and that has created some negative impacts over the years,” Craig Henry, Progam Officer of the Saint Lucia National Trust South, told HTS News4orce.

He pointed out that barriers intended to prevent vehicles from accessing certain parts of the beach are being removed by members of the public in order to access these areas to recreate.

Henry said such actions are unfortunate since there is sufficient space in other parts to park vehicles and enjoy the beach without driving all the way to the shoreline.

“So we had to deal with that on a number of occasions in terms of reinstalling the poles and it comes at a cost, of course,” he stated.

He appealed to the public to respect the measures put in place to protect the beach and the wildlife, such as turtles, that use it.

“Just to remind the public that nesting females (turtles), that it is illegal to interfere with them and to take them away, or take their eggs and carry them away, or even to slaughter,” he told HTS4orce.

Henry also called on the public for assistance in reporting any incidents to the proper authorities.


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