UnitedPac: SLP continues to grasp at straws

UnitedPac: SLP continues to grasp at straws

acfccde2-f5ac-46cf-aff3-bc7b607ddebdPRESS RELEASE – The UnitedPac is growing increasingly concerned at the Saint Lucia Labour Party’s desperation to grab at anything that sounds like something good is happening in St. Lucia.

After their failed attempt in spinning quarterly unemployment figures as annual figures, they have now latched onto the latest 24th November IMF report which states that our economy grew by 0.5 percent in 2014.

A detailed look at the report shows that this figure is based on market prices, which does factor the effect of price change. When comparing year-to-year growth rates, the ideal is the Real growth rate, which was -0.7 in 2014 and which was correctly reported by the PM during his Budget speech this year.

Is the PS of Finance another spin-doctor for the Saint Lucia Labour Party? The IMF report did state that he the PS of Finance met with the delegation.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party can spin all they want but they will never get the people of this country confused. The UnitedPac will continue to agitate for good governance and accountability for the people of this great country. We know what we feel and it is quite clear that this country is in reverse.


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  1. I thought I recognized it; indeed, indeed, it is the S.S. Lucian Titanic in full
    steam downward. Oh boy, what a pity. It is said she set sail over loaded.
    You dare ask with what, where have you been, why do you have to pay all
    dem Tax, for what? when you borrow to pay bad debt to pay for bad loans
    to pay for interest on bad loans, no I mean debt, Oh forget the damn thing
    even me am confused so go ask the captain when he is in a good mood, tan.
    Lesson learned, too many 1/2 ass ambassadors bailing out, jumping ship to
    pass up jobs not for fellow Lucians, but for high flying multi Billionaire Party
    goer at monaco the home of multi millionaires. Tell me, since when, since when
    we as a little rock in de ocean have to sacrifice so hard to pay for the mistake
    after mistake after mistake of this captain and his obedient crew? Awa Awa
    mate has to go, can't take it no more. (and he is de next in line for P.M.?)


  2. I am now convinced that our country is sinking and sinking fast. These buffoons are desperately trying to paint a picture that is not there. I read the IMF report and i was like what the hell are these guys talking about. Grenada grew by 5% and added 3500 private sector jobs into their economy. That is something to gloat about. Furthermore Grenada who was in the belly of the IMF is now the leader in GDP growth in the region. But we have a bunch of minions trying to gloat over a report card that says they have moved from an F to a D. SMFH


  3. The SLP keeps insulting our intelligence. They believe that the view of the ignoramuses on SLAP represent the views of the majority of people in this country and are fooled by that perception. What they do not realise is that the majority of Saint Lucians are not like those hacks who are in awe of them and swallow everything they pour down their throats. SLP, we can see that there is nothing happening in this country. Where is this so-called growth? Do not take us for fools because you think so little of us as a people. It says a lot about Kenny's opinion of US when he believes that the only jobs we are suited for is STEP, cruise ship or low paid hotel jobs. All other jobs are allocated to his boys and girls under the jobs for the boys and girls scheme. #votethemout


  4. If anyone wants the country to get better we have to better ourselves. Every Government department is in a go slow or a star of confusion. We dont need a new prime minster we need a new attitude.
    1. How can we have 4 half hospitals
    2. 2 airports that need repair
    3. 3 government buildings and want to build a 4th in vf.
    4. How can a document that requires a signature in government take 1 week.
    5. How can a drivers licence take 1 month
    6. How can it take days to clear anything through customs.
    7. How can that rodney bay bridge take 2 months. And why is it done in 2 peices.
    The list goes on and on

    We need to find a way of doing things very fast. The right priminister wouldnt tolerate any of this stuff and would fire most people.

    So if you want things to get better check urself first. Because we as a nation have made the country very inefficent and to compensate we have borrowed and borrowed. Now taxed and taxed


  5. Why attack the messenger Bambi? The message is very relevant. I applaud them for such a response. They seem to have a good grasp on economic matters in this country.


  6. This is an SOS , SOS, mayday, mayday.
    Captain de ship is sinking, Captain the seas are rough
    Shall we abandon ship or shall we stay on it.
    Captain you tell us want to do.


    • El Capitan AKA Saint Lucia's Fidel Castro's copy-cat is flying out to another airport. This Airport PM abandoned ship long time ago! He is always out there, somewhere, but not here. Perception is reality.


    • Bambi,we don't need anyone to show themselves,are you blind,don't you see what is going on? Sense is not a common thing.


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