UnitedPac issues stern warning to Chamber of Commerce

UnitedPac issues stern warning to Chamber of Commerce

chamberPRESS RELEASE – The UnitedPac is appalled at a decision taken by the Chamber of Commerce to invite former UK High Commissioner, Ernest Hillaire to speak at its renowned function while he is at the center of an ongoing national and international scandal.

You would think that such a respectable and reputable organization would distance itself from the Walid Juffali scandal and anyone associated with it until the nation receives satisfactory answers from the authority. Are we to believe that the Chamber of Commerce is satisfied with the answers given by the government and Ernest Hillaire? Are they okay with the secrecy and all the suspicions, which were involved in appointing Walid Juffali as an ambassador?

It appears that the appointment of Ernest Hillaire to deliver the keynote address at their function indicates an endorsement of an unethical decision taken by Hillaire and the government to appoint someone who has no ties to St. Lucia and clearly has no qualifications to represent St. Lucia’s interest at the Maritime Organization. Furthermore, the Chamber is indirectly saying that if there were any irregularities with the appointment of Juffali, it was ‘okay.’

UnitedPac is therefore advising the Chamber of Commerce to do the honorable thing and distance itself from this embarrassing scandal and anyone associated with it.

That includes Ernest Hillaire. Instead, the Chamber of Commerce should join its voice with St. Lucians and demand that the Government put an end to this embarrassing scandal by rescinding the appointment of Walid Juffali.


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  1. I don't know much about this "unitedPac" but if they/it want to go about demanding transparency in government's dealings they themselves have to practice it to. I mean don't you think it do your credibility a great deal of good if you told the public who are you, what you do and who your members are? Unless you can reveal yourselves you are in no position to lecture on transparency.

    It is a commonly held belief that the chamber is conservative in outlook. Given its make up (those whose business is making money through the capitalist doctrine) I don't think its a far-fetched assumption. But look now two independent organisations who were supposed to be on the same side stand opposing each other on this Jufali matter. I ask myself why? My answers would however be mere speculation with me knowing nothing about and who are its member(s).

    I find the whole thing curious. The chamber seem to be of the opinion the Government have done no wrong and that its ideas and efforts for developing the economy are credible. That would leave the UWP and UnitedPac in a very awkward position of standing alone which begs the question are they one and the same?


  2. St Lucians we are a bunch of hypocrites. Do you guys understand the ramifications and severity of this issue???????????????? Reputable news papers are painting us in the most corrupt of lights and you party hacks have the audacity to sit on your overly fed behinds and dare say that we the populace must roll over like dogs whilst yall continue to reep the benefits of your blood money????? HOW DARE YOU!!!!! Ernest Hilaire and Dr Kenny Anthony are selling our country to ensure that their blood lines are left with hefty inheritances and you dare suggest that this issue is miniscule? Piss in my damn eye and call it rain then! This man sought diplomatic status for pure unsavory reasons, has NO interest whatsoever in saint lucia prior to his wifes move for divorce, but we are to believe that this is for the benefit of the country???? St. Lucians need to wake the hell up and stop worrying about which fete is popping this weekend and worry about the fact that this island is going to become a white collar haven for criminals of the most disgusting and vile nature: rich men. Pay close attention and realise that Dominica has lost a great deal as a result of this program. St. Lucia you are next.


  3. Have St. Lucians read from the British press regarding this story? I was able to get two stories (reported in the Daily Mail and the Telegraph). if there are others, please share.

    This story was not, as far as I have ascertained, was not even front page material. Additionally, in none of the stories was it stated that what has occurred (between Juffali and St. Lucia) was illegal, immoral or against diplomatic conventions. The only persons who have questioned Juffali's appointment are the defendant's (Former Mrs. Juffali and Allen Chastenet). You can read for yourself from the following websites:

    1. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/saudiarabia/11997173/Saudi-billionaire-who-has-legal-immunity-in-Britain-should-be-sacked-St-Lucia-politician-says.html

    2. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3318877/Extraordinary-twist-4billion-divorce-bust-Saudi-oil-tycoon-ex-wants-share-fortune.html


  4. Seems the SLP hacks are hard at work here on this board. after putting out stupid press releases trying to justify their endless commess, they now turn to putting comments on this board trying to detract from the mess and mud that they have dragged st lucia through internationally.


    • It seems difficult enough to deal with but yet rather than persons read to understand the issues they take their key not from political upertuness. If you there say why can't the gentle representthe iisland at the highest level you joblos. But than again I blame st.Lucia for publishing this nonsensical atical


      • You are a simpering fool. You barely constructed this ill put paragraph and you dare call us joblos?


  5. Just a quick question here, why is Mr. Brian Louisy still at the head of managing the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce, he is only allowed to do a 3 year term and a further extension of one more term of 3 years, a total of six years, how come he has managed to make a career out of it? (over 15 years)
    Has there been an amendment to the constitution for him?
    Just asking


    • Brian Louisy is one of the most objective people that I have happened to work with. You have no idea how hard and diligent he works lobbying for the private sector and the citizens of this country as a whole. Yes you may be familiarized with the by laws of the chamber but bare in mind that the board of directors has changed several times over. Thus one can only assume that he is doing a fine job and he is some what irreplaceable. Can you easily find someone in this country who is as versed with trade law, grant writing and all the other necessities required to fulfill the role of executive director at the chamber.... I guarantee you that you will have a hard time.


  6. Sumitra that's your doing! Her ex Boss is key note speaker. Also her ex lover. He is in no position to be a key note speaker at the business awards. That man is unscrupulous as they come. That man is opportunistic and vile, King of nepotism....watch how his new office will gainfully employ the haves and those who have kissed enough labor ass. Brian they pull the veil over your eyes?


    • UNITEDPAC keep at it until we get answers. SNO keep printing this story until we get answers. We demand it! Ernest Hilaire needs to come clean. He also needs to tell Saint Lucians that the Williams guy who currently works with Juffali is the very person he is trying to get in as next High Commissioner. Ernest come clean!!!


  7. What I find confusing here is this, if UWP, Unitedpac, Mr. Chastnet et al feel that a crime has been committed which has such a devastating impact on St Lucia WHY DON"T THEY GO TO THE RELEVANT AUTHORITIES AND FORM A CASE AGAINST THE ACCUSED!!!! I don't think that they truly expect the government which they consider to be so corrupt to bring up a case against itself so why not stop asking them to do it and do it yourself. You ask for answers which you got but was not satisfied if it is that serious take them to court surely I would hope we have a system in St Lucia where the gov under law has to relinquish proof of their actions and what they say. Or is it that promoting the idea of corruption within the ranks of the sitting government if better than seeking actual proof. Are you afraid that if you take them to task on the matter then you will lose MR. Chastnet. IF you are so concerned moved pass this and seek legal action for your answers because this will only further convince the people that you are only interested in making the government look bad and by extension you continue to sully St Lucia's name even further.


    • if the Government does not want to look bad as you put it, as democratic Island state how about a public inquiry ? the question is, how many meetings has this Ambassador attended apparently he is qualified in Marine conservation ? how many countries did Jufalli approach offering his skills before coming to Saint Lucia ? the Government did not share this information regarding appointing Jufalli it seems secretive.
      We need transparency otherwise Saint Lucia's credibility is in question.


      • I agree with only one point you made about a public inquiry. But I can assure you that there qualifications needed to attend these meetings are not standard. I personally have sat on boards and meetings with persons who specialize in a their respective fields which are far removed from their academic background which is very common in the diplomatic and international society. They have consultants and advisers to fill in the blanks and pick up the slack when needed. From my understand the unattended meeting were not essential to St Lucia and thus did not merit representation. The right question to ask is since he has been the what has he done with regards to his position and the advancement of St. Lucia.


        • Thanks for your clarification, and yes I agree what has he done in his position and the advancement of Saint Lucia ?


  8. A man being appointed an ambassador to St. Lucia and not even the head honchos at his Ministry is notified? No one knows of Juffali but people like Hilaire and the PM. How many more secrets are you wating for after Grynberg and Frenwell to know that the PM doesn't act in the country's best interest. Come on people if that's not scandalous then it a SECRET. A government shrouded in secrecy is undemocratic and it is time that we stand up to these despots.


  9. Chastanet does not realize that marketing has to back a good product.
    No amount of blasting out childish press releases or paid hacks giving 'up' signs can compensate for Chastanet's abysmal track record, inability to put together a comprehensive effective campaign or get the voters to trust in his leadership.

    Chastanet is a bad product. He is like a pizza in a fancy box but once you take the first bite you just spit it out and ask for a refund!

    With the likes of Guy Joseph and Lennard Montoute or Issacs or any of the other bad actors in the party his followers are in for a major blow at the next elections.


  10. Who or what is this Unitedpac?
    Chastaney or Guy Joseph cannot even unite a few people in the UWP and he is paying for a Unitedpac.

    We hear about the PACs in the political arena in the USA. So this joker with his love for everything foreign(think Hepple) comes up with this great marketing name with pac in it. Yawn!!!!


  11. Some of u need to put politics aside and give thought to this whole situation. If this actually made the papers in London don't u think that's sum serious. Smh at some of ual


    • Actually the average low information traveller in the UK does not care one dame about this temptest in a teapot.
      In fact when it comes time to travel they will just remember the name St. Lucia and book their ticket!


      • enlighten me what is a Tempest in a teapot ?? which book of quotes did you read ???
        by the way the word is Damnation, for short Damn.


  12. Nepotism and greed will be the downfall of the SLP because this is what happens when we have a PM who endorses corruption! If Hilaire had one ounce of integrity or love for country, he would keep himself from causing further embarrassment to St. Lucia and St. Lucians. This man’s arrogance is beyond me. He has proven that he cannot be trusted. He reckons that he has the backing of Kenny and that is all that matters. He has not even started on the passport selling programme (PSP) not CBI as they sugar coat it and he is already so shifty, far less when a few other “billionaires” dangle another meaty bone in front of him. Hilaire we won’t forget. #votethemout


    • If St. Lucians do not realise the gravity of this matter then I am sadly left to shake my head. The British Press are hard after this story due to the irregularities. Had it not been for them I would not have known as a St. Lucian that this man decided to prostitute the very nation whose interest he was supposed to protect. And UnitedPAC has a right to question this as St. Lucians. Whether we red or yellow nonsense is nonsense. Keep it up SNO. We need accountability from KENNY and CO.


  13. Who wrote that nonesense. There is real news out there ppl. Aa Aa. Like one of the comments said if so be the case then we cannot in ite no politicians from both parties nowhere to give a speach smh.


  14. What utter nonsense!

    That means you could not invite ALL of the former UWP Ministers from the last administration! LOL !
    From losing hundreds of millions due to poor devisions and mismanagement to the Taiwenese money to court cases and judges warnings !


    • Isn't that one of the reasons UWP was voted out. SLP at the time calling for transparency. Well right now the people DEMAND transparency. If it good for the goose it good or the gander.
      BTW I'm thinking, if the UWP was in power, you honestly think SLP hacks would be expressing those same sentiments as it pertains to Jaffali's appointment.


  15. As a United Workers Party "Sympathizer" (Cant in good conscience consider myself a supporter of this mess) I always cringe when I see some of these ill advised, badly thought-out press releases. What exactly has Dr. Ernest Hilaire been accused? Guilty in the court of public opinion of what exactly? Except from angering and turning against you such a "renowned" organization and potential ally, what exactly did you hope to accomplish with this press release. Furthermore, within your ranks, you have convicted felons, a few "less than credible" witnesses, a couple thieves as per the Towns and Village Council report. In keeping with the tone of this press release Am I to assume that the UWP endorses such behaviour? Why is the party endorsing these individuals while such damning allegations have been leveled against them? Is the UWP a party for liars, thieves etc. Please Clean up your act! And stop with these spurious releases!!!