UNITEDPAC concerned about the imminent threat of Zika virus to St. Lucia

UNITEDPAC concerned about the imminent threat of Zika virus to St. Lucia

8292b214-90b0-4752-a913-665d4dc69790PRESS RELEASE – Comments on the Zika virus are proving challenging.

Remember, we are Small Island with very limited resources. Even if much is squandered, a concerted effort must be made to prioritize and focus on the more pertinent areas directly affecting our people. The CMO has been doing a fairly good job and in reality much depends on the people’s individual and community actions.

However that will not preclude government’s role as leader and the body with the better resources to effect sensitization and preventative measures. Ultimately what ever the consequences, it will fall on the government. They must be careful as the medical and health consequences will be way too much for our already failing health system.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is now meeting in an emergency session and speaking about an explosive situation with 3 to 4 million people affected in the Americas. Apart from candidates like Dominic Fedee sensitizing and alerting as to the effects in their individual constituencies and highlighting any infrastructural deficiencies, I think the potential for this is much too serious that the various health institutions as well as civil society should highlight the seriousness.

This whole thing requires joint national statements not by PS’s or CMO but by the Minister’s of Health and tourism as to:

  • What contingency measures are being organized as to Zika’s effects on our local population and tourist industry if it strikes here?
  • What regional discussions and measures are the ministers involve in with their counterparts? Is there a CARICOM position or plan?

This is too serious for these ministers to side step this situation and with no national comments or information and reassurances coming from the POLITICAL DIRECTORATE. British Airways is now facilitating, free of charge, travellers who want to cancel or postpone travel to the Americas and that will include the Caribbean. Thus, a facilitation of a likely blow to our tourist industry should be taken into consideration.


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  1. Columbia did not work how they wanted it, so now they have created Zola, take note of what they are doing


  2. I too have concerns with what steps will be taken. And I was asking those same questions last week as I saw almost every day something new on this Zika virus.
    I hope we are not reactive and I am hoping the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Tourism will be making statements shortly.
    However we are to continue to play our part as individuals and not wait on those in power.


  3. we believe too much of mainstream brainwashing. We need get round the fact this is a way of population control around the world


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