United Youth denounces the repugnant behaviour of the St. Lucia Labour Party

United Youth denounces the repugnant behaviour of the St. Lucia Labour Party

Following the condemnation by Lionel Ellis, a member of the Media Workers Association, UNITED YOUTH maintains its concern at the reckless, insulting and threatening comments made by Foreign Affairs Minister Alva Baptiste who continues to arrogantly display disregard for law, freedom of the press and ignorance of the will of the electorate to freely choose its leaders.

The threatening “over my dead body” pronouncements of an elected member of parliament, who has a responsibility to represent this nation impeccably at the international level, in addition to his verbal assault on media workers, exemplify distaste and incompetence in the responsibility with which he is entrusted.

It is not sufficient that the member of parliament for Laborie chose to vehemently attack well known media personalities at a party meeting, but the prime minister in a rather thoughtless and inexplicable manner, sought to vilify a prominent businessman and father, Mr. Michael Chastanet, for his right and God-given duty to support his son in his commendable and honourable endeavors.

That a prime minister will castigate fathers who stand by their sons as they seek to sacrificially serve and better this nation should indeed be a mind-boggling horror to all citizens.

The recent actions of the minister for social transformation, of all portfolios, should not at all be amusing. That this minister publicly, and at an official NTN-covered function, verbally and obscenely abused a citizen of Saint Lucia who is responsible for the construction of the bridge which was being opened and who along with residents of Soufriere were not even politely invited to this function in their own community, is another indication of the pomposity and aggressive nature of this current SLP administration.

Understanding that this desperate Labour government has a tendency to pussyfoot along matters of facts and evidence and constantly cowardly claims that it will release pertinent critical information “when the time is right”, we as citizens of Saint Lucia continue to call for the National Television Network and the GIS, taxpayer-funded entities, to release the footage of the Soufriere Bridge opening so that Saint Lucians may be allowed to judge for themselves what transpired at this event which so provoked a government minister to degenerate into such obscene and aggressive behavior.

True to our name, United Youth, separated by no trait or characteristic but bonded in the common good for the advancement of Saint Lucia, we look with abhorrence upon the physical assault and humiliation of a young Labour Party supporter by his fellow SLP supporters in Soufriere in the presence of the district representative Hon. Harold Dalson.

An unemployed, struggling youth who firmly believed in the Labour Party’s promises of better day and jobs, jobs, jobs is violently beaten and literally thrown out of a meeting simply for exercising his democratic right to ask questions of and respectfully reprimand Mr. Dalson in whom he had placed his trust.

This incident has not only shown violence against youth but to women as well because the young Labour Party supporter’s girlfriend was battered in the process. Such despicable and uncivilized behaviour and attitudes must not be tolerated and encouraged and this unveils the blatant intolerance and aggression of Labour Party operatives to anyone, including their own, who seek to raise valid questions which expose the failure and hypocrisy of the Kenny Anthony administration.

Such attitudes are evident on social media and Facebook pages where SLP agents, most of whom cowardly hide behind false identities, seek to malign and cheaply insult anyone who has different or opposing views to their dictatorial agenda.

United Youth will continue to call for the highest standards of ethics and governance by our leaders and will fight for the rights of our young people to be impeccably represented by our government and politicians.


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  1. Well said, Zandolee et al! This is just yet another (brace yourselves for more) flambeau storm in a teacup!!
    After their last defeat
    instead of a self-searching retreat,
    they wheel and come again,
    aiming to bluff the voters
    into thinking that their eviction
    from office was electorate error!
    After the mediocrity of their recent tenure,
    stumbling from horror to worse horror:
    confusion, corruption, indecision,
    plunging towards oblivion!
    After the worse spell of local governance ever,
    t'ings ain't good yet, but they better!


  2. I could've said it better. Its time we show these politicians that we won't take these abuse anymore and we the people will decide the fate of Sweet Helen of the West.


  3. I know United Youth is affiliated with one of our political parties but for some reason i am discouraged to see a youth group join the bandwagon of our tit for tat politicians. This comment seem more politically driven than youth driven. hope this is not our future!!


  4. Excellent article! As young people we have a say. Let us not sit back and allow our country to be taken for a ride. I am not one to stand for violence and say " we taking our country back" as the SLP did when the current opposition was in office but let us continue to bring to light the pertinent issues which are affecting our country.


    • Remember when UWP was in opposition, they too said they had the answer to crime. But when they came in, they were just as clueless. In fact, the reason we have the problem with the US is because of "Restore Confidence".

      During the UWP's time in governance, the total number of homicides was up to almost record level (short by 1 or 2). What will the UWP do differently if they are to get in power? Please answer the question.


      • Lionel Ellis who the hell you think you are to come and interpret things in your own way. You all have made it look like Alva meant to harm Chastanet. You all are the ones that are misleading the public. All people like you, Timothy Poleon, Andre Paul and the others that continue to talk nonsense. Who the hell you people think you all are.


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