United Workers Party National Women’s Arm – Single mothers “we care”

United Workers Party National Women’s Arm – Single mothers “we care”

(PRESS RELEASE) – COVID-19 has created anxiety and uncertainty amongst most of us.

The United Workers Party (UWP) National Women’s Arm recognizes that single mothers are at risk of facing the economic challenges of the pandemic with little or no support.

The Women’s Arm have collaborated with Mr. Oswald Augustin to bring some measure of happiness in these uncertain times to 170 Single Mothers, as we celebrate Mothers’ Day on Sunday May 10, 2020 to remind them that they matter and we appreciate them.

President of the Women’s Arm, Ms. Malaika Compton, expressed the organization’s immense gratitude for the financial donation of EC$17,000.00 from Mr. Oswald Augustin, which will fund the WE CARE initiative, and is geared towards assisting single moms across the country in meeting their basic family needs. This is our way of demonstrating to our single moms that they are not alone and we are determined to walk with them through this difficult period.

We will donate on a “needs basis” targeting those most in need of assistance as well as the vulnerable. These mothers will each receive Massy Vouchers and/or a cash amount depending on their individual circumstances.

We wish all Mothers a Happy Mother’s Day!


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