United Workers Party mourns passing of former MP Jon Odlum

United Workers Party mourns passing of former MP Jon Odlum

The United Workers Party notes with sadness the passing of former Member of Parliament for Castries South, Mr. Jon Stanley Odlum, the brother of the late George Odlum, together more commonly referred to as the ‘Odlum Brothers’ in their heyday of politics in the 1970s and 80s.

As one of the founding members of the Progressive Labour Party (PLP), Jon Odlum was the only candidate to have won his Castries South seat in the 1982 General Elections. Mr. Odlum, a former Minister for Youth and Sports and later a Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Human Services and Family Affairs, was also a people’s focused politician who always maintained close ties with his constituents and a cordial relationship with his political opponents.

These fine qualities proved good for the people of Castries South, but also difficult at times for UWP political candidates to overcome. Mr. Odlum always conducted his affairs as a politician in a mature and affable manner, and did not display the adversarial type of politics of today. He was a true servant of the people, his constituency and his country Saint Lucia. His contribution to social development through sports and community services exemplifies him as a politician of conviction to the needs of the masses.

The United Workers Party would like to express its deepest condolences to the family, friends, and colleagues of Mr. Jon Odlum on this sad occasion. May he rest in perfect peace.


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