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United Pac wants clarification on awarded contracts for ALBA-funded bridge


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The United Pac wants clarification from Minister of Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport Phillip J. Pierre, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, and Parliamentary Representative for Vieux Fort North Moses Jn. Baptist, on the process of selection of a contractor to build an ALBA financed bridge in Vieux Fort North.

• What form of tender was used to select the contractor? (Public Tender, Restricted Tender, Closed Tender)

• Is the contractor a close relative of any cabinet minister?

• What are the conditions of funds received from ALBA and are these monies deposited in the Consolidated Fund?

In keeping with the government’s assertions of transparency and accountability, the United Pac is therefore expecting clarification on the above mentioned matter at the earliest.

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  1. A A all of a sudden you all interested in monies donated by ROGUE GOVERNMENTS. Tiway chou zot bor cannot la.


  2. Tell The Whole Truth

    The guy who was awarded the contract was a former shoe salesman at BATA. He has received many contract including the the construction of the Magi Ground structure costing over 1 million dollars and that was before UWP got back in power in 2006. I do not think he has been out of a construction (contracted) job since whilst the SLP has been in power from 1997. Yes he was just selling shoes and it started with the SLP. You SLP hacks now could call me Jack A.... but it is the facts. I am a Compton man and I do not condone this by any party.

  3. It is the government itself which has portrayed itself as one of transparency and accountability so we have to hold them to the standards they claim to abide by. Stop making excuses for wrong doing. Ben, there have already been too many scandals or don't you know?

  4. Politics is evil, so I deplore all agents of the Devil/politicians.

  5. ... I have no respect for groups with only one intention IE to divide the nation....

  6. Is the Contractor a close relative of any Cabinet Minister?

    I am positive he is not a brother of Guy Joseph. And if perchance he is related to a present Cabinet member, I wonder if this is his first ever contract awarded.

    Unlike family members of a particular Minister of Transport of the former Administration collecting over 2 Million dollars worth of works in one financial year.

  7. Whats good for the Goose is good for the Gander!

  8. Strange that when UWP were in power no such interest in how they dished out contracts to companies like A&M and we all know the connection there! All of a sudden this government are supposed to be like school kids and report to teachers of their day to day activities!!?? Please give me a break!

  9. Ahhhhhhh United Pac. Oh how we forget. What processes were used by the former government in awarding contracts. I understand that you guys are attempting to get some kind of scandal, this is grasping at straws because I can assure you one thing: this current government will not feed you all any scandals. Moving on! lot kotay!


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