United PAC concerned about alleged failed abortion procedures

United PAC concerned about alleged failed abortion procedures

United PAC, a local advocacy group, has expressed concern over what it says are a rise in failed abortion procedures, which threaten the reproductive health of St. Lucian women.

The group has called for a complete investigation into recent “post abortion treatments” at the Victoria Hospital.

In a statement on Monday the group described the issue as “grave” and requested accountability and explanations on the matter from Health Minister Alvina Reynolds, Legal Affairs Minister Victor Phillip L Corbiniere, Attorney General Kim St. Rose and the management and staff of the Victoria Hospital.

United PAC has also asked for answers regarding a number of pertinent legal issues.

The group is questioning whether the practice of abortions have been given “official sanction” in St Lucia and if the Victoria Hospital is “involved in any way in providing accommodation and cover for medical practitioners which may be engaged in the performance of abortions?”

The group further inquiries about the status of two young ladies it claims were admitted at Victoria Hospital after recently becoming victims of botched abortions.

In addition, the group said it is extremely concerned over “the circumstances surrounding these latest alleged botched abortions as relates to the laws of the land.”

The United PAC further referred to various related sections of local law including the Criminal Code of 2004. Among what was listed was Part D — Termination of Pregnancy and Childbirth Offence, Causing Harm to Child at Birth and other legislation referring to medical or surgical treatment.

“We expect the authorities to do the right thing by thoroughly investigating such incidents. We are particularly concerned that the role of Victoria Hospital, which is a public health facility, should be clarified,”the group said.


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