United and Strong debuts new logo

United and Strong debuts new logo

Saint Lucia’s lone LGBTI representative organisation has this week launched its new logo over a series of platforms. The logo designed by Randolph Rosemond of Edge Design affirms the new direction of United and Strong.

“The new logo reflects the organisation’s focus on partnership and dialogue as a means of achieving equity,” says Executive Director Kenita Placide. “This is a struggle but it does not have to be a fight. Our aim is to work with partners in the society such as government, social organisation, religious groups, etc, to achieve change. Not to engage in conflict but in corporation towards a healthier, safer, happier Saint Lucia.”

Born in response to the HIV IDS pandemic, U&S has now transitioned to advocacy focused on human rights and elimination of stigma and discrimination. While its focus is lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people, the organisation’s mandate ensures justice for all marginalised communities.

The new logo uses the colours of the Saint Lucia flag to reflect the organisation’s focus on justice, truth and charity for all people on its home base. Two figures in hues of pink and blue reflect equality for all shades of being and are reaching upward together in an expression of optimism, unity and courage.

Communications and Advocacy Manager Maria Fontenelle says, “The new logo strongly identifies the organisation and its mandate and conveys confidence and hope for the future of all people on Saint Lucia”.

United and Strong, which hosts the Eastern Caribbean hub of the Caribbean Forum for the Liberation and Acceptance of Genders and Sexualities (CariFLAGS), was founded in 2000 and became a registered non-governmental organisation in 2005. It is a member organisation of the Caribbean HIV/AIDS Partnership — a network of groups focused on LGBT and other marginalised communities in the OECS.



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  1. I firmly believe in justice, love , peace, equality for all..... I accept and respect but hey, I don t think the colours of our national flag should be used. Shows Lack of respect. ONE LOVE


  2. It is good if it is ALL forms of discrimination this group represents with EQUAL fervor. However, I get the feeling that it is only the GAY-LESBIAN lifestyle they want to promote. Here comes the beginning of the end of the human race and everything natural. Think I'm going too far? Think again. Same-sex couples CANNOT have kids the natural way. Thank God there are still some folks who think this is wrong... at least for us, there is still some hope.


  3. I really do not think we should be supporting anything those fags are doing.
    And the Government needs to come out and condemn those women's behaviour.

    Women are illogical beings and without proper guidance will destroy a whole society.

    We need to put a stop to this, as young girls growing up will believe that this is an acceptable norm in our society without repercussions.

    Those women are destroying the Family Structure INSTITUTED BY THE MOST HIGH.


    I have a cousin of mine who is part of this group. She was never like this.
    She had BF who loved her...for some reason she is now on the other side of life



  4. This just goes to show you how united and strong this minority group is. At their whims and fancies they could suppress the will of the majority. To have a view contrary to theirs is ignorant and backward,why couldn't they just use the "pride" flag in their logo


  5. i agree.. why put the flag in?... its their own personal choice.. this has nothin to do with our nationality. we are still primarily a christian nation.its a non-gov org soo they shuld keep the pink and blu and remove the flag


  6. Our national flag in this jibrish...oh..oh..no
    Please,the protectors of our national symbols
    do something about this without delay.


  7. Wrong and strong. I love St. Lucia but the country is now doomed and God will start punishing St. Lucia even more now as this lifestyle is acceptable.


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