United and Strong asks “What’s your position?” on Human Rights Day

United and Strong asks “What’s your position?” on Human Rights Day

fb5d675e-88f8-476c-b250-a2eff1d39990PRESS RELEASE – Youth activists in Saint Lucia will this year launch a new campaign to mark International Human Rights Day,

observed annually on the December 10th. The campaign dubbed, “What’s your position?” also seeks to raise awareness of the16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence from November 25th to December 10th. Conceptualised and executed by United and Strong Inc.’s

Unity and Empowerment for Change (UE4C) youth group, the campaign is funded by UNDP Barbados and the OECS, and developed under the Social Innovation for Change programme, which presents an opportunity to engage with youth as agents of change in making that shift from national to citizen security.

“What’s your position?” celebrates our differences as individuals, in keeping with the recognition of these important days to raise public awareness and mobilise people everywhere to bring about change. It will utilise social media and community based interventions to share the real life experiences of persons who have been exposed to discrimination and gender based violence.

A major activity under the project will be the screening of a film dubbed “Acceptance”. This film demonstrates the real, tragic and triumphant, experiences of an LGBT person as a survivor of gender based violence and discrimination within her work place. Not to be dismissed as only a movie nor to exploit shock value, the film advocates the truth of this issue, to encourage self-reflection and motivate us to action, asking the question, “What’s Your Position?”.

The release of the film is set to coincide with UN-Women’s Step It Up to End Violence Against Women and Girls Film Festival. Saint Lucia is doing its part by stepping up to engage allies and community members on December 11 at the very first screening of the mini documentary “Acceptance”.

United and Strong has been a change agent locally, nationally and regionally with the goal of equality and justice for all, particularly lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex (LGBTQI) people. This Human Rights Day, U&S and UE4C urge everyone to look at the humanity of all, to remember that the rights afforded for oneself should be afforded to one’s neighbour and also to the stranger across the

road. As we celebrate the milestone of fifteen years of existence under are reminded that human rights are not for some but are for all.


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  1. Don't we have enough problems in St. Lucia for Wrong and Strong to be seeking attention, they keep wanting to brain wash everyone. The sad thing about it our children are going to be affected and be influenced by this lifestyle. We as St. Lucians we need to speak out against this group.


  2. my position is - I DON'T SUPPORT SAME SEX RELATIONSHIPS ... this this against the law (buggery) how about teaching/educating the masses to respect and uphold the law.
    This is also against the natural order of life..... 2 males, 2 females or a man and men that think they are women because they cut off their penis(TRANSGENDER) can never procreate.


  3. LISTEN to them!!! Human Rights are not for some but are for all. REALLY!!!! then WHY do they only talk about the LGBT and associate organisations?? What about the RIGHTS of the General Population that they consistently ATTACK and ERODE???. These people talk about NO Human Rights and NO Free Speech under communism and LOOK what they are doing!!. BRAIN washing us and our CHILDREN (in the Schools around the WORLD) in thinking their lifestyles are normal behaviour of human life. The Human Rights Organisation have been INFULTRATED and HIGHJACKED by DEGENERATES. EVERY time they open their mouths, it's ALWAYS about the same thing, have no one else noticed that?? Obviously no one else have any Human Rights issues. Well I await their Perverse comments.


  4. Disunited and wrong would use any platform to push their gay agenda down people's throats. There are so many innocent children, victims of paedohiles who need someone with a voice to advocate for them. Why not push for a sex offenders register or something that would actually make a difference. Coming and talk about LBGT nonsense.


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