Unemployment must be taken seriously – Flood-Beaubrun

Unemployment must be taken seriously – Flood-Beaubrun
Former Health and Human Services Minister Sarah Flood Beaubrun.
Former Health and Human Services Minister Sarah Flood Beaubrun.

Saint Lucia continues to face high unemployment, particularly among youth, something that former Minister, Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, said must be taken seriously.

Flood-Beaubrun believes that the current administration has not given much attention to this issue and treating it with the urgency it needs, nor are they trying hard enough to bring the unemployment numbers down.

The former minister said she comes into contact with many young people on a daily basis, who have shown lots of creativity and the urge to do things for themselves, yet they can’t use it to gain employment.

“Our gifts and talents are supposed to help us earn a living. We are supposed to use the gifts and talents that God has given us, to help us to earn a living for our families,” she said.

Flood-Beaubrun said when people cannot use those talents to earn a living, that results in a loss of dignity.

“People feel they are not being who they are called to be. There is a loss of self-esteem and people become idle. This is when people begin now to choose things that lead them on the wrong path. This is when crime comes in, and deviant behaviors starts to creep in. This is where frustration leads people to do things that they would otherwise not do,” she said.

The unemployment situation is really important not just to put money in peoples pocket, Flood-Beaubrun said, but leaders need to give people a sense of worth and dignity, so they could lead the quality of life they need.

When people can’t do that, they will become frustrated, and it will manifest itself in different ways, she added.

“We haven’t done a study on it yet, but I am sure in my mind, that suicide rates have something to do with the depression, lack of hope and the despair that people feel and it has to be addressed,” she asserted.

The former Castries Central MP said she is not pleased with what is going on in Saint Lucia, where people cannot afford basic food items and they are either unemployed or struggling every day to make ends meet. ​

Data from the National Statistics Department confirm unemployment in 2015 averaged 24.5 percent of the working population aged 15 to 65.

However, the last quarter saw a significant drop to just over 20 percent with the creation of an estimated 5,000 new jobs.

Youth unemployment is now down to about 34 percent from a high of 44 percent.


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  1. Promises such as reducing crime and unemployment and improving health care have been on party manifestoes for the last three or more elections and the results are still the same. Parties and promises are recycled election after election.


  2. Why do our professional media reporters not question the mysterious, magical drop in unemployment by 5% in one quarter.
    There was no great economic event that could have contributed - so what happened?
    ANSWER: This slippery Kenny Anthony led government borrowed millions and pumped it into giving people some money and calling it 'job creation'.

    When a government like the alleged corrupt SLP borrowS tens of millions to create non sustainable jobs , these are not jobs but cash handouts to buy votes.

    Because of him we now spend more on interest payments for debt than on healthcare. So when your child cannot get medical treatment it is because of interest payment of debt used to cover Kenny's incompetence.


  3. All the parties and their so-called leaders continue to pay lip service to our unemployment problem. This publicity event is just yet another one.

    Stop doing the usual minuet or quadrille around this problem. Give us realistic, meaningful, and actionable plans. Get off the usual empty rhetoric for a change.

    UWP thinkers, has had some four years in opposition to think out real solutions to our national problems. (OK, the SLP is running on empty.) That up there sounds just too rum-shoppy. Too repetitious. It does not in any way take us from Point A to Point B. It is just another HUGE helping of the usual political fluff that we have come to expect from the SLP's road shows and their irritating and disturbing talk shows. Same difference.

    The parties are CONTINUOUSLY but cynically talking about our unemployment problem as if were the weather. Let's move on beyond the stats!

    You complain if the weather is too hot, or if it is raining all the time. But no one really does anything about the weather, seriously.

    No party has seen it fit to do, for example, a NATIONWIDE colloquy, bringing the best brains in and out, and far and wide to focus on very practicable, sustainable and effective sets of measures, many measures, to replace those stupid, DIVISIVE quick-fixes like S.T.E.P.

    Treating just the symptoms, we all know where that has taken this poor country. We are well down the road into the corrosive political and party corruption abyss, with short-term temporary jobs as rewards for selected red socialist-minded cool aid drinkers. The rest of the unemployed get gainful employment in the narco industry. They, like the mafia see it as a job, with jail time, death and murder as part of "the cost of doing business".

    UWP wheel round. Come back with some real answers this time around. Enough is enough.

    The talent you talk about is latent. It is very latent. It is hidden, un-developed and very much under-developed.

    Our millennials and youthful population believe that once they get their CXCs , they are more than ready for the world of work. Do not buy into this fallacy and nonsense. It that were all that is necessary, then our GDP growth figures would reflect this and remain in sustainable double digits for some time now. According to this article, the talent is still there!

    Just voicing concern about unemployment, in terms of latent talent is one thing. It may be SUPERFICIALLY necessary, but it is NOT sufficient to even to begin to ... to begin even ... to make a dent in this country's real and STRUCTURAL unemployment problem. That is a horse of a very different colour.


  4. Yeah right! I recall when I returned from Canada in 1999 after studying and I sat right next to you on an Air Canada flight.I showed you my qualifications and all of the promises you made. Up till today I received zero assistance or guidance from you or your then Government colleagues. Practice what you preach the you don't deal right it will come back to hunt you. For all other things yes but you delivering jobs sorry you failed me big time.


    • You mean you come from Canada with all your qualifications and you depending on politician for job. Education should make you independent and enterprising.
      All that qualification and you begging a politician. GIVE ME A BREAK.


  5. Ok Sarah.... I don't want kenny as my pm for next elections but the UWP has not convinced me. I am yet to hear the plans for the country and for young peopke like me.

    I am very disappointed in both parties... name calling seems to be their priority. I am paying taxes for a reason, I work extremely hard for that money and I would love to know that its being used properly but such is not the case.


    • It is more realistically 60 percent if you remove the shady, underhand, and SLP vote-buying STEP.


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