Unemployment in St. Lucia declines- Gov’t

Unemployment in St. Lucia declines- Gov’t

Unemployment statistics in the newspapers business sectionPRESS RELEASE – Prime Minister, Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony says the latest unemployment figures indicate that there is hope and opportunity for the youth of Saint Lucia.

During his address at the graduation ceremony of the National Skills Development Centre (NSDC) on Tuesday, February 9, 2016, the Prime Minister announced that data from the Department of Statistics revealed that unemployment has dropped to 20 percent, while youth unemployment fell by 10 percent to 34 percent. Dr. Anthony said:

“I am very pleased to note that the most recent data from the Statistics Department indicate that, last quarter, unemployment fell to about 20 percent, down from a high of 25 percent. That means that 5,000 more persons were employed in the 4th quarter of 2015 compared to the 4th quarter of 2014. And most importantly, there has been a significant drop in youth unemployment, persons between the ages 16 to 29. Among this category, unemployment is now down to about 34 percent from a high of 44 percent.

“This is great news!”

Dr. Anthony attributed the increase in employment to greater foreign direct investment and other Government led initiatives.

According to the Prime Minister:

“There are opportunities opening up. New hotels are under construction and are opening up. New businesses are opening up. There are opportunities through the Cruise Ship Employment Programme.”

Dr. Anthony charged the NSDC Graduates to be confident in their skills and abilities, but to always remember that a positive attitude and outlook will say more about their willingness and ability to work in any environment than the skills they have acquired.


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  1. Kenny needs to stop pulling numbers out of a bag and coming up with his ridiculous statistics. This is our economy that we are talking about and not a game of BINGO. ARTIFICIAL CONSTRUCT!


  2. Stop giving the people a bag of rocks and telling them its bread!!!! Where did these mystery jobs come from, in what sector? Are you referring to Band aid programs like STEP, where a person cuts grass for 1week ? Is this your idea of curing unemployment Mr Finance Minister ? Enough with the LIES!!!!


  3. kenny, a drowning man will grasp at a straw, so continue grasping at your straw, you will not change the inevitable with your crap unemployment lines. we are not blind.


  4. Aa U.W.P. do not like that. Are we on the road to economic recovery? So far so good.Dont mind the critics doc. most of us are not stupid.We know what is happening globally. Keep on improving the economy i will get a job soon.


  5. With the record number of party hacks that are being giving jobs by this SLP government no wonder these high employment numbers.


  6. Yeh Kenny you jumping now. When the same man had release some depressing figures the other day you say he speaking out of turn who ask him to. You were not aware of those figures.
    But people want real employment to be able to grow their lives not now for now and now and again work. That's not what they went to school for and that's not what you promised in your election campaign. so dont fool the people. You can never know somebodys pocket more than them


  7. What a silly little quagmire you guys find y'all selves in. So Excited about high unemployment figure so you rant and rave and now a decrease unemployment leaves you rather disappointed. Hummm, A bit backward if you ask me but who am I to judge. Convinience for political expedience. It's truly priceless lol. #you guys are not really for country smh


    • We have a problem with the lies. We would be happy if only one of our jobless friend, brother, sister or parents would be in that statistic. We are not seeing what they are saying.


  8. These numbers only makes sense, IF ND ONLY IF, there is any truth about the figures, and more importantly, these so-called jobs are private sector created jobs. It is all fishy and a lot of hoey, if the Jobs are created by government or public sector agencies. These are for political window dressing. STEP, in this climate of unflinching dishonesty like the Julaffi passport , is a common channel and a resident culprit.

    After the foolish swallow the rosy picture of jobs created by STEP and after the elections, stooges well-known and unknown will again all laugh and say "We fooled them!" They wiil have their pensions back, and in tact.


    • SLP cynically believes that shaving off just a few percentage points from the grim figures makes for a very bright sunshine day. What a load of crap!
      First of all, you cannot rely on a government that habitually tells lies to the people. SLP cannot be trusted. Ever!
      Technically, we do not know these funny numbers were created and in what sector they were "created". STEP? So far for magic numbers. Next thing is, will SLP be continuing its election magic show by pulling rabbits out of a hat?


  9. What is considered jobs ?? Does those jobs come with development and growth of our young people within the sectors work is provided ? Are those jobs long term and how secure are those jobs ?? This government reminds me of a bad sales man who will try to sell anything to keep his job .


  10. I suppose when the government said that the unemployment figures were high (25% overall and 40% for youth) y'all were excited about that. Y'all never said that he "cooking the figures". Now the stats shows that it has fallen from 25% to 20%, he "cooking up" the figures.

    I believe the SLP government has been more honest with those figures than the UWP's.

    What do you guys think?


  11. Every time elections coming Kenny doing the same thing with unemployment figures. What these fools are doing is using STEP,NICE and other contract works temporary employment as part of their statistics. That wont save you. Man I am so fed up with SLP and their politicks. St. Lucians please don't fall for this level of dishonesty again. Give all parties 5 Years!!!!!!!!!!!! unless they are really transparent.


  12. Why aren't we seeing or feeling it. I suspect the STEP workers were considered in that survey. Something is wrong. Business are still closing and laying off staff. in what sector has employment increased. Please tell the country.


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