Unemployment declines but PM still not happy: “Unemployment no more than 15% by 2021”

By SNO Staff

Despite news this week that the national unemployment rate has declined for the first quarter of 2017, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet is still not happy with the unemployment figures of the country.

According to the Central Statistics Department, 20.1 percent of the population was unemployed from January to March 2017 compared to 21.6 percent in the fourth quarter (October to December) of 2016, while youth unemployment stood at 38.7 percent in the first quarter of 2017 compared to 43.1 percent in the fourth quarter of 2016.

However, Chastanet said his government has pledged to work towards an unemployment rate of no more than 15% by 2021.

In his maiden Budget Address on Tuesday, May 9, he noted that the country’s unemployment rate has increased “significantly” from 14 percent in 2007 to above 20 percent where it has “stubbornly remained”, while the overall economy has been growing at an average rate of 1.3 percent from 2006 to 2016.

“It is an extremely sad reality that over one-fifth or 20 percent of our productive labour force is unemployed and by extension Madam Speaker this implies unemployed capital in that scenario. This, in effect means that we have substantial capacity for expansion, growth and development,” he said.

He said investments within the coming months will create employment throughout the island, particularly in the sectors of tourism, agriculture and construction.

The former tourism minister said there will be a comprehensive incentives package which will create employment within the private sector and provide much needed support to businesses within Saint Lucia.

Tourism projects that will create more rooms and thousands of jobs, he said, include: The Harbour Club, Fairmont Saint Lucia Resort, The Curio by Hilton, Range Developments (Black Bay), Sandals Resorts International and the DSH Pearl of the Caribbean project.

Chastanet pointed out that the DSH project will transform Vieux Fort.

“No longer will high rates of joblessness plague Vieux Fort and no longer will the people of the south feel like abandoned children. This project will also make use of under-utilised lands in the south, particularly in Beausejour, and create several ancillary industries and linkages with existing businesses,” he said.

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  1. Inflated statistics ! Figures don't coincide with reality on the ground.

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  3. Terence Joseph

    Nice workers have to realize nice is not permanent.why does people like crumbs like? You need your own bread!some people has been so lame even when they are being heal they want to remain by the pool. Take up your bed and walk. I believe that's why some black people are so poor because they have a poverty mentally.

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  5. Shut the hell up you UwP uneducated fools,its just a matter of time

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  7. With the elimination of the postal services, marketing board radio st Lucia and dismissal of Nice workers. Yea right to chas.

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  9. I love my pm

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  11. Unemployment decline ? What a joke ! What is Chastanet bringing to the table with all the sky miles he has accumulated for the past ten months?
    Now he is coming like a dad with donations sitting on the family table left behind by the x- spouse and showing off to his family like he is such great dad presenting all these goodies to his family that he had neglected all along. Like he is doing something so great for them. What a shame ¡!!!!! Please show some thing for the hundreds of thousand of dollars spent a cumulating sky mile and stop showing off with crumbs left behind by the -X .

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  13. Unemployment decreased but how many NICE workers were made redundant. I'm still unemployed. Choopzzz tan. SMH. Chas has no idea what he is talking about.

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  15. Unemployment decreased but how many NICE workers were made redundant. I'm still unemployed. Choopzzz tan. SMH. Chas has no idea what he is talking about.

    • Are you suggesting that persons getting EMPLOYED directly means that other wouldnt be made redundant. I see no correlation between the two. It decreased. some got redundant. How many of them actually rerouted themselves back to being emplyed?

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  17. Why would anyone be happy with an unemployement rate over 20% .....smdh


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