UK visitors robbed in Soufriere; officials discuss improving security in the town

UK visitors robbed in Soufriere; officials discuss improving security in the town
Soufriere town. * Photo credit: Simon Ward
Soufriere town. * Photo credit: Simon Ward

Police are investigating the armed robbery of UK visitors on a boat that was anchored in the Soufriere bay late last month.

There were no reports of injuries but the bandits made off with about EC$1,500 in cash and four iPhones, according to sources.

The incident occurred on October 27, at about 2:30 a.m. on ‘Priorities’ which had five occupants, including two children, on board.

According to the sources, the bandits boarded the boat and held up two male occupants by gunpoint and proceeded to rob them.

A  woman and her two children were reportedly in the cabin during the robbery.

No one has been formally arrested but sources say that several person are assisting the lawmen with their investigations.

The incident prompted officials from the Soufriere Regional Development Foundation, the police force, the tourism industry, among others, to convene an emergency meeting in Soufriere on Thursday to discuss bolstering security in the town.



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  1. Yes, let's discuss it some more. Let's talk and talk so it seems like we're doing something. Let's continue playing politics with the crime because it has obviously been working.


  2. Officers need to dress like these rogues and patrol the waterfront. Then what these rogues get ,they will hold. I feel disgusted when I hear those things. Then Mary Francis will want to defend them (rogues). We need more IMPACT in every town,city,village.


  3. Again and again we seem to be reacting with no firm plan insight. Why only now. Saint Lucia is on record as having five ports of entry, yet the Soufriere port is treated as if it doesn't exist. SLASPA is the entity responsible for the ports on the island but it seems like they have relegated that responsibility to the Soufriere Foundation and the SMMA. So I am not surprised that tourists at that port are being preyed upon. This is so because neither of the two agencies mentioned have the capacity to safeguard those yachtsman. Don't have the resources and are not equipped to do the job. If this government is serious about tourism as it claims it will with immediacy demand that SLASPA sets up shop in
    Soufriere and provide the service that it is mandated to provide at the ports of entry. All our ports should be treated equally by SLASPA. And they should not expect the underfunded agencies and the police to continue to attempt to provide a service for which they are not equipped.

    A few years ago there was a similar meeting after a similar incident. Today another meeting in response to another incident. Is the government's response just a publicity stunt to pacify the fallout from this incident or will government, this time, address the issue with the seriousness it truly deserves and make our Soufriere Port of Entry, safe for our guests. I am watching and I know that tourism officials around the world are watching also. Don't wait until we have another Roger Pratt situation to act!!!!!!!


  4. Damn! Niggers! Stealing the food right from my family mouth. I drive de tourist. If They scared then I don't give rides and will go hungry. Punish, Drag the Niggers through the streets. They can use my car!


  5. Now we just hearing about this and Why ?? Carefully swept under the rug. Now they talking about "bolstering security" from they had rob the visitors at the waterfalls and injured the owner in broad daylight they should have step up security. You have too much little vagabonds that hangs around on the Soufriere Waterfront at nights


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