UK teenager’s remarkable sacrifice benefits Grow Well’s children

UK teenager’s remarkable sacrifice benefits Grow Well’s children

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PRESS RELEASE – Thirteen-year-old Isabel Davies from the UK has moved us all with her sugarless diet.

Isabel chose to sacrifice all sweet foods and raise funds for an entire year in support of a charity which was indecisive until her family planned their vacation at The Landings in St.Lucia.

Through the Landings website Isabel learned about Pack for a Purpose: Grow Well Charity and was certain that this would be where her donation would be worthwhile.

Isabel brought 3 bulging suitcases of gifts for the Grow Well Charity. Isabel gave up sugar for a year to help Grow Well’s children.

A somewhat extreme sacrifice her family thought — no sweets, soda, cakes, ice cream! Isabel’s dedication grew stronger as time went on and she was having fun while becoming the healthiest one in her circle.

Her family and friends in admiration supported her cause and the gifts ballooned – pens, pencils, stationery, games, arts and craft items, beads, coloring crayons and paints, gifts, footballs, cones and more – 3 huge suitcases full.

The family arrived at The Landings on October 17th and word spread about Isabel’s remarkable sacrifice. Grow Well had arranged a full morning of appreciation, including visits to two Gros Islet schools.

Impressed visitors from The Landings chipped in and together with Isabel’s family a cash donation was also made for Grow Well’s youth programmes. Isabel wants to be a schoolteacher! She is committed to helping others!

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  1. Our youths should emulate Isabel's way of thinking. She saw a need and worked, even sacrificed, to fulfil that need and succeeded. She has a good heart. I hope you succeed in all your endeavors.


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