UK Police looking for British man who gave St. Lucian woman drugs to carry

UK Police looking for British man who gave St. Lucian woman drugs to carry
Tia Clement
Tia Clement

British police have been looking for the dealer who gave a young St. Lucian woman drugs to carry into the UK.

It is believed that Tadia Clement, 23, may have been given the cocaine to carry from Martinique into St. Lucia, by a St Lucian living in the French Department.

The drugs were then brought to Britain where a courier was waiting to pick up.

A police source in the UK revealed that a man from Britain of St. Lucian origins traveled to the island to set up the operation. Scotland Yard have been trying to locate this Mr. Big from the UK but so far have been unable to do so. He is British.

“Police have been trying to track down a man who gave his name as Poll Francis and lives in London. Police went to the address this individual gave but could not find him nor the address. No such name or address existed. This was well arranged to throw the police off and to mislead them,” said the police source. “He knew exactly what he was doing.”

Rumours have been circulating about the Mr. Big the police are looking for. According to another source he could be working as a postman or somewhere within the British civil service and lives in the West London area. A man fitting his description has been frequenting the island. He has family in the western part of St. Lucia, where he visits often.

“People must know who this man is but they are not willing to speak for fear of speaking out and getting themselves in trouble with the drug lords out there,” said another source close to the investigation. “Some people will go to great lengths to protect people like this. People are afraid to come out and say who the responsible parties are.”

Clement was sentenced to one year imprisonment and was fined £150. She will serve 10 months and could be released as early as March 2015.


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  3. I hope that this incident encourages Visa Regulations to be put in place for those travelling to the UK from Saint Lucia. Foreigners always do stupid things like this for quick money and then end up putting our country in a mess. It's bad enough that Police Officers have to deal with the things that British Citizens do. Why on earth should our tax money be used to investigate a ridiculous crime like this. Saint Lucians need to learn to WORK for an honest income. A lot of Saint Lucians are EXTREMELY lazy. The only thing they put effort into is Carnival or a fete. This is why whenever St.Lucians leave the country, they quickly adopt other cultures and forget their own. Things like this is embarrassing.


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  6. I hope this incident forces Visa regulations to be put in place. Sick and tired of seeing St. Lucians roaming around England illegally.


  7. nothing or no one can make excuses for such act with the consequences young lady must have had a left martinque to st.lucia not for a sec you thought this through and not board the plane with this to england....putting your family through that shame especially your mom..god knows how she tried her best just so yu and your siblings would not go dwn that road and what hurts the most the fact she might be mad at you but have to be there for you...y tadia y.... you have a princess didnt yu remember her...and i strongly believe yu shud have done your two years and not squeal another stupid mistake ..... they way these people opperate if i cant get you i will take your mother daughter...another stupid decision..stupi!!!!!!! stupid!!!!!!!! tadia


  8. Gwen Peemah's trying to oh so hard to overcompensate for having "lived in the Caribbean".

    Do you think you are the only Brit on here? Stop glamourising your so called nationality. You might have been born in the UK (and let's assume, bred - massive pinch of salt by the way!), however judging by the way you intentionally 'through' about Brit lingo, I very highly doubt you actually grew up there, but instead relocated during the later part of your life. You could most likely be a case of an individual being born in UK to St Lucian (or whichever Caribbean country) parents with British nationality (they themselves could have been born there or could have been naturalised), who decided to send their kid back home to be raised by extended family- ain't nothing wrong with that BTW.

    Being British is more than just being born there. Generally speaking individuals tend to feel a sense of identity to whichever environment they are 'bred' in.

    You come across as a pompous, overbearing old woman - no disrespect to old women!

    Props though, for knowing the difference between Oxford and Oxbridge.


    • I can smell jealousy and envy in your comments Lox. I think Gwen Peemah is making a meaningful contribution to this debate in here.Do you have something against British people? I lived in the UK for many years myself having traveled there in the 60's.

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      I too support the young lady. I have seen how our young girls are being exploited here all because they have no money to feed themselves and their families. I am not excusing the wrong that this girl did.. But when your back is against the wall and you have no food on the table then you will do whatever it takes to feed yourself and family...Maybe you have something against British people. The man made a fair point and all you could do is to criticize him for being British.

      What is wrong with you mate? I did not see how he glamourised his nationality. What is the big deal about being British? I am Both British and St Lucian. I lived in London and the Midlands for many years until I retired here three years ago.
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