UK official to join Saint Lucians for Independence celebrations

UK official to join Saint Lucians for Independence celebrations
Phillip Parham
Phillip Parham

(PRESS RELEASE) — The UK’s Commonwealth Envoy, Mr. Phillip Parham, will visit Saint Lucia from February 21-22, 2019 to represent the British government at the Independence velebrations.

Mr. Parham was appointed by Prime Minister Theresa May as UK Commonwealth Envoy in June 2018, and represents the UK on the Commonwealth’s Board of Governors.

Whilst in St. Lucia Mr. Parham will attend the Independence activities on February 22. In addition to meetings with government ministers, he will meet with Johanan Dujon of Algas Organics to congratulate him on his selection as a finalist for Commonwealth Young Person of the Year 2019.

Mr Parham is also looking forward to having lunch with Commonwealth Points of Light winners, Commonwealth scholars and Queens Young Leaders.



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  1. what boring meetings you coming and attend there. oye after your meeting come and check me and we will go on a round the island trip with nuff bikers and vehicles and you will get nuff lucian girls to wine on now thats how you will have a good time


  2. When he get here talk to him about the reparations they owe, and how they treating Caribbean nationals and black people in general after we help build England and the whole of Europe quite frankly was built on the backs of black people.


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