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Ubaldus “sick and tired” of ‘Pip’

By Gideon Aurelien

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Pierre (left( and Raymond

(SNO) – Opposition Leader Philip J. Pierre on Wednesday came under fire from Finance Minister Ubaldus Raymond over government’s decision to borrow $100 million from the National Insurance Corporation (NIC) to settle two bonds that matured last week.

This decision by government has fuelled a raging public debate about its merits and demerits, one that is still ongoing, led by the St. Lucia Labour Party (SLP) and government critics.

Raymond told this reporter that he will not entertain Pierre, also known as ‘Pip’, who yesterday requested answers to questions Pierre said concerned the country’s taxpayers.

Minister Raymond said that Pierre, as Opposition leader, has access, like any other government minister, to information regarding finance or anything regarding the economy.

“But in this situation (government’s decision to borrow $100 million from the National Insurance Corporation (NIC) to service bonds totalling $120 million), if he needs any particular question answered, like the bonds, he can make a call to the Department of Finance, he can talk to the Board members of the NIC on any matter concerning the bonds,” Raymond said.

He added: “I am sick and tired, and St. Lucians must be sick and tired, of the politics Pierre is trying to play with the pensioners. He raised concerns once, the concerns were addressed. Second time they were addressed. Now he is trying to shift the goal posts asking questions he can get answers to. I will not entertain Pierre in his political games. I will not do it,” Raymond said.

Pierre at a press conference on Tuesday said the SLP makes no apology for requesting answers to questions that concern the taxpayers of Saint Lucia, saying that his party will always give special attention to the hard-earned savings at the NIC of pensioners.

“We note the arrogant and mudslinging response of Ubaldus Raymond. In his usual style he attempts to attack and vilify the opposition for asking pertinent questions on behalf of the people of Saint Lucia. The Saint Lucia Labour Party will never be silenced with intimidation, threats or vindictiveness of the UWP,” Pierre said.

He then went on to list five questions he claimed the SLP requested answers to.

The questions are:

* What are the names of the persons, companies or institutions that purchased bonds in the most recent sale of Saint Lucia government bonds?

* Did the Saint Lucia National Insurance Corporation purchase additional shares in the latest sale (sale of government bonds) thus increasing the NIC holdings of Saint Lucia Government Bonds?

* Did the Saint Lucia National Insurance Corporation rollover any of the Saint Lucia Government Bonds that it had originally held in the most recent transaction?

* Did the Saint Lucia Government purchase $5million worth of their own bonds in that latest sale of bonds?
And what is the balance on the sinking fund at 30th June, 2018?

“We request the Minister of Finance to answer these questions so that the public of Saint Lucia can have an accurate and truthful picture of the situation regarding the earnings of the pensioners of Saint Lucia,” Pierre said.

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  1. Your balls look sick.

  2. the thing is that the slp government did the very same thing while in office St.lucians were nun the wiser they never came to the people to tell them about it ...but now the shoe is on the other foot , their cry is the people want to know ...pip i guess the people didn't want to know then when you made your decisions

    throwing out these questions in the people is just mischief just to cause panic among the people ....pip knows fully well that when he put these questions in the public domain that the gullible...labour supporters will buy it and repeat it there you go ..good or bad for the country put it out there in the form of questions and show concern

    trust me me is tired of the labour party bullshit

  3. Your government is an embarrassment to the citizenry and the region. Keep quiet and deliver on your mandate of not raising gas. By the way I am yet to feel the benefits of your reduction on vat. You may fool the fools but you can't fool me.

    Face all have no idea of governance. What a bunch of pathetic failures.

  4. Phillip J Pierre realizes that he can no longer play the victimization card so now he is using the term arragont.

    Victimization: the SLP has tried it's best to have most statutory boards occupied with its supporters, also all top positions in government occupied by their supporters and contracts to last during the tenure of this administration. To work with nice or step you needed endorsement from the district rep who had people to do research on political affiliations of applicants.

    Arrogance: Pierre treats some ministers as if the are not allowed to look at him or talk to him. Disregarding that the government has the right to make certain decison& e.g. the select of a GG.

    She I'm here. Why is it that this young man was allowed to occupy crown lands at pigeon point without a contract? A lending induction attached to a certain politician gives money for repairs t the site without doing the necessary research? Hope and an end decides to use its land there is no call of victimization.

  5. I am also sick and tired of pip to 😳

  6. Guy has all the answers. Ask the deputy.$

  7. Ubaldus St. Lucians have been tired of you since last year. Remember last time you went up for a party and got whooped which meant the people don't want you to represent them.....Just answer the questions and stop playing games. Cause we are getting tired of you all bullshit

  8. Pip is scared of committing himself with the fake information he is getting from Richard Frederick. If he have concrete information he should be more direct with his questions or just give the information he has. These questions will not put doubt in the mind of the supporter of the government. They sound silly knowing that the SLP did the same in 2015.

  9. Answer the questions.

    • EXACELY !!! Facts are facts so they can't deny it So because they can't deny it they can't debate it. Ask more questions Pierre I know you only gave them five but it's ten you really meant to ask but you watching and waiting for them to open their ass with their lapo response BEFORE YOU DROP THE OTHER FIVE.

  10. When it is SLP turn to answer questions when they in power is the same shate. Them politicians (ALL) best becareful because soon they will be the ones on HTS and DBS showing up dead or shot, because thats what they leading the country to do. Your'll think Lucians patience is ever lasting? I dare your'll to continue your'll forkeries. Children hungry, innocents being shot and all them JACKASSES can do is argue and debate in front of the whole nation like two niggas that never see ..before. That revolt your'll looking for your'll will get it. BOTH SLP AND UWP GETTING THE HELL OUT OF ST. LUCIA FOR GOOD!!!

    • Fed up with the childish games they play infront the public leaves a sour taste in my mouth..I dint even listen to news anymore or will I ever listen to them in the house..the whole world is watching..


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