US urges St. Lucia government to act on IMPACS report

US urges St. Lucia government to act on IMPACS report
St. Lucia police during a patrol. * Photo credit: Telesurv.
St. Lucia police during a patrol. * Photo credit: Telesurv.
St. Lucia police during a patrol. * Photo credit: Telesurv.

PRESS RELEASE – The Government of Saint Lucia took a commendable initial step in 2014 by inviting CARICOM’s Implementation Agency for Crime and Security (IMPACS) to conduct an investigation into allegations that members of the Royal St. Lucia Police Force committed extra-judicial killings from 2010 to 2011.  

Unfortunately, progress on pursuing justice in these killings halted after the report’s issuance in March 2015.  Despite the significance of the IMPACS report for human rights, national security concerns, and Saint Lucia’s international reputation, the Government of Saint Lucia has made no meaningful progress towards criminal prosecution in 10 months.  

The Embassy of the United States of America to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, therefore, urges the Government of St. Lucia to ensure the rule of law is upheld.  We are concerned that four years have passed since these allegations of human rights violations first surfaced and due process is yet to be served.

We respect Saint Lucia’s separation of powers, but emphasize the entire government’s role in guaranteeing that each branch has the tools and resources to fulfill its commitments to the rule of law.  That said, the Director of Public Prosecutions made a disappointing announcement in November that her office was not provided sufficient resources or the report’s investigative files, thus precluding furthering criminal prosecution.  

We encourage the Saint Lucian Government to activate the promised implementation oversight committee under the Prime Minister’s chairmanship.  Such a committee could serve to ensure that the entire government is working effectively together to achieve due process.  

We applaud the Saint Lucian Government’s approval in September of a reformed “Use of Force” policy that guides security forces to protect both national security and human rights.  We praise the participation of the Royal St. Lucia Police Force in human rights training courses.  However, these measures alone are not sufficient for Saint Lucia to demonstrate its commitment to the rule of law.

The Embassy of the United States of America to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean encourages the Government of Saint Lucia to take all available measures to guarantee the rule of law is upheld.  We stand by our offer to assist Saint Lucia’s efforts to ensure due process in the framework of Saint Lucia’s criminal justice system.

A clear demonstration of the Government of Saint Lucia’s commitment to the rule of law would benefit the people of Saint Lucia as well as Saint Lucia’s international standing as a trusted, democratic partner in economic and security cooperation.


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  1. Speak the truth about Dudus Coke and his involvement in a local politician What happened in Jamaica is coming to st.lucia very soon.


  2. K's lies will catch up. He highhandedly allegdely demoralized the police based on a subjective report. BTW the US is not any kind of Moral authority on Human Rights. THeir police killed 388 in questionable killings of citizens in Chicago over years mostly Black so tell them lay off. Remember IRAQ? killed 100,000 + poor innocent people and nothing for that No WMDs. KEnny deal with what came out of our Pandora's Box. your


  3. Kenny i know you were not in power when these things happen.Now stop protecting the real criminals like the politicians and businessmen you mentioned in your address on impacs. Let the axe fall where it should and all of us will know the truth.I know some of them are shaking in their pants.Time is runnihg out. Are you giving them time to leave the country?


  4. Bottom line is the US has legitimacy to tell direct the internal affairs of a sovereign state. It is time our government tell them they are rude and out of place. But I suspect our government cannot tell them so they were the very so called credible sources who made soocere to the US. The US has a knife by their throat. Isn't an inquest part of due process? Where are the lawyers of this country to educate our people that due process does not mean 'arrest and charge'?


  5. I am very happy that the US/EU can look out for us. The police have a heavy hand and some not all believe they are judge and executioner. Look at an example at UVF airport, Undercover Customs calls himself Kilo. If you are paid to fight drugs why do you want to glorify the name Kilo and walk all over the place with football tshirt saying Kilo. I love the US lets get those guys straight. All in authority must and will be held accountable.


    • That is why there are wars right now. Is interfere they like to interfere in other countries business.
      Hell that is why the world is in this economical mess right now.
      Do research.


  6. We have seen the screws being tightened with the withdrawal of financing, materiel, and training for the Royal St. Lucia Police Force. Then you see the EU letter of concern; then the letter from the UK about Juffali and the crookedness of that appointment; and now you see this letter from the US Embassy in Barbados.

    Watch out Saint Lucia!! Someting in the pipeline and it's coming with full force. My guess is that we will see something by independence that will make Frederick's visa withdrawal look like child's play.

    Is there any doubt in anyone's mind that the pressure is about to be taken up a notch? Whole chou Ste. Lucie pas bon.

    Kennyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! You pompous, arrogant, full-of-yourself, wanna be revolutionary. Saint Lucia is not yours, so stop trying to prove to Maduro and company that you can stick it to the US. You're begging yet want to call the shots. You-know-that-I-know-that you-know all of this crap is because you're too cozy with those washed-out comrade wannabe Che Guevaras.

    You finitch St. Lucia.


  7. How does this become a political affair. Am lost. Now F America and this nonsense. Let the government try get jobs for it's people and let the dead bury the dead. The persons who should be investigated for jail time are : Menissa Rambally, Leo Clarke, Eustace Monrose, Rupert Gajadhar, Charles Flemming and the rest of those who are suspected of boborl, stealing our tax paying money for their own selfish gains. These are the reports I want to hear about. Thank good some of those notorious criminals are dead. Tell America go investigate the white cops who killing the black young men in America.


  8. The SLP has nothing to fear from IMPACS. The party in the line of fire is the the UWP. Here is a clear case of a brother helping out a brother and i'm sure Stephenson King is very gratful.


    • IMPACS discredits ..... How does that hurt Chastenet and the UWP? On the contrary it hurts the discord that labour has been sowing.


  9. the US is trying to be the defacto government of St.Lucia and the Caribbean.therefore it is incrementally...little by little... introducing itself into the affairs of our sovereign nations


  10. Tell me please. How many political arrests have we had in St Lucia for the past decades? How many persons has any St. Lucia government caused to disappear from the face of the earth? How many women have been denied education, jobs, religious and social freedoms etc.? Does St. Lucia deny anyone born in St. Lucia their right to a birth certificate? Do we just pick up people off the street and put them in jail without being charged with crimes?

    What else? Do we persecute people for not being either Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Hindu etc? Do we close down churches for "excess" worship or "insufficient" worship?

    We are not a Human Rights violating country. We don't have that reputation at all. Our people know we don't!! Can other countries say the same?

    Tell America and Europe and whoever else stop harassing us. We're not perfect but we will figure it out within our resources, both financial and human.


    • Who went to play sooseh at the very same Embassy in Barbados a few years ago? Who tried to starve already hustling Saint Lucian by publicizing the intention to discourage any investors from coming to St. Lucia. Who did nothing for three years after getting into office until the screws were placed on the police? Who was laughing when visas were pulled and pressure was being applied when another administration was in office? Did they say anything about involvement of the US into our personal affairs then?

      What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Take what you get because you were a big part of getting it to where it is right now. Uh bodaw.


  11. Can some one tell me the difference between the police target killings and the us killing using drones. 2 peas in a pot but its a problem when a small island do it. But the use do it everyday even targeting citizens. Smfh


  12. The US Ambassador is wasting his time. The KDA administration has a strong political interest in keeping this matter out of the limelight. Further to that the matter has been legally compromised and complicated by silly political grandstanding. The KDA administration has a sole objective which is to stay in power come what may. Major capital projects can be very lucrative to anybody getting a percentage and they need that to continue . The Government is openly pro Maduro and Castro and does not give a shite with US or the UK. Presently their propagandists are all over Facebook and the media claiming the US has given the KDA administration kudos and trying to interpret this caution in their own perverse ways. The US needs to look carefully into the backgrounds of the people in this administration and especially those being groomed for power. There is something there... Just look for it. The only thing that will get anybody's attention would be visa revocations. This really brings grief to them and has gotten results in the past. Members of the party constantly get all expense paid travel and like to live it up. Start with the head of their propaganda radio station as he seems to be the biggest apologist for all this unscrupulous behaviour and then move on to the press secretary and party chairman. The US will get guaranteed results.


    • Can you shed light in the "political interest" that the administration have in this matter? Do you know something that others like me do not know?


  13. Diplomatically the US Government is of the view the DPP did not do her part.

    This DPP was the worst thing that ever came to office.

    I know people like Guy Myers are not sleeping at nights.

    There is one thing I know that no SLP agent or politician is in arms way of the IMPACS report.

    So the UWP supports on this board can say all they want about Dr.Kenny Anthony at the end of the day agents and politicians of the UWP will have to answer the questions in this matter.


  14. Odd that this supposed press release is not to be found on the US Embassy website.

    In fact, "This news article is a production distributed through Caribbean News Service. It is made freely available to your media and we encourage publishing and redistribution, giving credit to Caribbean News Service (CNS)."


    • I am utterly disappointed in you Terry Finisterre. This press release came directly from the US Embassy. SO what the heck are talking about giving credit to CNS? You're a good journalist but you have been blinded by politics. Return to your journalism roots brother and leave politics alone before it totally destroys your credibility.


    • That red Kool aid works wonders on these guys. I always wondered how Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot convinced their followers how great they were. Now I see it with my own eyes. These red zombies have thrown rational, reason and truth out the window.


    • so Terry Finisterre, that makes it perefectly normal. you SLP people need to get ur head out of the sand, before it is too late.


  15. Here are a few things I have gleaned from this release:

    1. The US's action against St. Lucia was not as a result of Petrocaribe but because of the "extrajudicial slayings".

    2. The US was pleased with the Government's implementation of IMPACS.

    3. The US is not pleased that prosecution (nor any attempt has been made to prosecute) of actors in this affair.

    4. In relation to the non-action/prosecution, they have reiterated what the EU have stated to the "ensure the rule of law is upheld". I stress that this has everything to do with non-prosecution of actors. I think Shelton Daniel was right on target this morning.

    5. Connected to point # 4, the US was disappointed with the former DPP with her "disappointing announcement in November that her office was not provided sufficient resources or the report’s investigative files, thus precluding furthering criminal prosecution". With this statement, one can infer that the US was satisfied that enough resources were allocated to the department.

    6. The US Government is satisfied with the "Political" Government's efforts but not with the "Judicial" Government's non-action.

    7. Once "due process" has started (with transparency of course) then and only then will the US break the shackles.

    Having read the US Government's statement, I am more convinced that Allen Chastenet and his Mongoose Gang are out of step and out of their league in all aspects . . . be it IMPACS, Jufalli, etc. We can see this in their press release.


    • "Connected to point # 4, the US was disappointed with the former DPP with her "disappointing announcement in November that her office was not provided sufficient resources or the report’s investigative files, thus precluding furthering criminal prosecution". With this statement, one can infer that the US was satisfied that enough resources were allocated to the department."

      You've really outdone yourself with this idiocy. I suppose if they said "it has been raining", you would somehow be able to infer that they meant "it was not raining".


    • Crow what you do...just look at the pictures? Either you can't read or you can't understand. The DPP let the cat out of the bag when she said there was nothing to prosecute. The report was simply interviews with the victims' relatives and the opinions of the so-called investigators. Kenny and Tony as a law professor knew it had absolutely nothing, but allegdely maliciously used it as blackmail.

      You obviously don't know the meaning of 'the rule of law'. Both the US and the EU are aware that Kenny and Tony are allegdely using the report to blackmail the Police and unnamed politicians. They are therefore demanding that if there is evidence, bring the perpetrators to justice and let them face their accusers AS IS REQUIRED BY THE LAW!

      So wake up and smell the coffee you hacks. BOTH the US and the EU are telling Kenny and Tony to PUT UP OR SHUT UP!!


  16. "Its Been 4 years since reports of these alleged report of extra judicial killings surface". This statement has lots of meaning to it. Why the focus on 4 years when these killings took place like 2010. Something is not right and SLP government needs to explain. Is the US trying to tell us something about this Kenny Anthony administration? What a curse this slp has brought upon stlucia


  17. America please stay away from business in st.lucia.what about our overcrowding at bordelaise would u mind housing some for us in your cells? Shate man stop the harrassment!!