Two-vehicle crash at Mon Repos

Two-vehicle crash at Mon Repos

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At least four people were injured on Saturday in a two-vehicle crash at Mon Repos.

The incident is reported to have occurred around 2 p.m.

Those injured were taken to hospital via ambulance, treated and sent away.


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  1. Dear Editor,
    I would like to draw the public's attention to the recent increase in road incidents in this country. I fear this situation has not attracted as much attention as it warrants and it seems it has all but been dismissed by the government and others in authority who have the potential to address it. The lack of concern I fear will cause more harm to our nation's people if not properly addressed.
    First of all, the lack of maintenance on the roads in the country has cost not only the lives of our everyday people, but thousands of dollars in tax payer's money. How can our divers be expected to use the roads safely when they are filled with pot holes , unleveled patches and weather side railings.
    The deplorable roads cause drivers and vehicles to loose control due to the pot holes that are constantly damaging tires or shocks, the unleveled patches can send speeding vehicles flying off the road and railings which are paper thing to the massive speeding vehicles.
    The government should take into consideration the possibility of hiring a permanent maintainance crew to see about road upkeep . they at least need to make an effort to repair cliff side railings or those in populated areas that threaten homes. Lastly side walk systems need to be better planned to reduce people getting hit maybe raising the side walks or adding railings.
    I do believe that if these suggestions are taken into consideration, we can create safe roads for the nation's drivers.


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