Two stabbing incidents, but Carnival was relatively peaceful – police

Two stabbing incidents, but Carnival was relatively peaceful – police
A j'ouvert reveler.
A j’ouvert reveler.

Except for two minor stabbing incidents during j’ouvert, Carnival Monday and Tuesday were relatively peaceful, police officials have reported.

Reports of shootings, homicides and chopping usually mar the last two days of Carnival activities, but this time around the police beefed up their presence by deploying over 200 officers.

On Monday, during j’ouvert, two stabbing incidents occurred within two hours.

At about 5:45 a.m., Karshal Trezelle of La Pansee was walking on Bridge Street, Castries when he was stabbed in his back. A male is currently in custody in connection with that incident.

At about 7:30 a.m. Wayne Charles of Ciceron, Castries was allegedly in a heated argument with his child’s mother when a man, said to be the woman’s boyfriend, stabbed him. The incident occurred on Jeremie Street.

None of the injuries sustained by the two victims are life-threatening, police said.

A non-fatal shooting occurred on Tuesday at about 8 p.m., one hour after Carnival ended.

In a press release, the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) thanked the public.

The lawmen said: “The RSLPF is pleased to report that there were no major incidents during the two-day event. The organisation would like to thank everyone who played a role especially the citizen for their cooperation during that time. This is a clear indication that police officers cannot function effectively without the support of the public. The RSLPF is looking forward to the continued support of the citizenry, not only during mass crowd events but every time their support is solicited.”






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  1. Good Job !!! RSLPF next year same thing, pack all bad boys in a container for a whole week and let hem go after the vaval, because is they that want to spoil genuine non revelers from having a nice peaceful jump up behind the revelers..


  2. this is as a result of the most troublesome criminals are being held for questioning for the last few murders/shootings or already locked up. next yr the police gonna have to find a way to have them locked in time for the season.


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