Two St. Lucian boxers qualify for CAC Games in November

Two St. Lucian boxers qualify for CAC Games in November

PRESS RELEASE – The second CAC games boxing qualifiers ended last evening in Bogota Colombia with two St. Lucian boxers earning qualifying spots for the 2014 CAC Games to be held in Veracruz Mexico November 14th to the 30th 2014.

The two St. Lucians to qualify for the CAC Games in Veracruz Mexico are 64 kg welterweight Dalton “the Hurricane “ George and 75kg Middleweight Miguel Auguste. The other ST.Lucian to take part in the CAC Qualifiers in Colombia was Travis Maynard who lost his bout controversially to an opponent from Haiti.

Although all three St. Lucians lost their bouts they fought in, the second CAC qualifier in Colombia for the CAC Games to be held in Vera Cruz Mexico in November saw 69 spots for qualification to Mexico available. In the 64 kg Lightwelterweight Division there were 9 spots available but only 6 boxers were entered in that division also the 75kg middleweight division had 9 spots available with only 8 boxers being entered with all eight qualifying for Mexico.

The 56 kg Bantamweight division had 6 spots available with 8 boxers registered in that division and the unfortunate loss by Travis Maynard to a Haitian opponent was not able to have him qualify for the games in Mexico. The boxers were accompanied to Colombia by Coach Conrad Fredericks and Second Vice President and PRO of the St. Lucia Boxing Association Brian Mc Donald as team Manager.

Speaking ahead of the team’s departure for the qualifiers in Colombia team Manager Brian Mc Donald said he was confident that if not all but at least one or two of the three boxers will make the cut and qualify for the CAC games in Veracruz in Mexico in November and two of them did.

The St. Lucia team is expected back home on Monday afternoon. Cuba and Venezuela dominated the proceedings with Cuba taking part in the mens qualifiers with only three boxers with all three winning gold medals the Venezuelans collected four gold medals and seven silver medals as they qualified for 11 of the 13 finals which were contested at the qualifiers for Mexico.



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  1. Congrats.However sportsmen and women must in St.Lucia must be more discipline and develop a winning appetite.Most of them don't realise that sports can change lives and they must be more serious.They drink and part all the time before important tournaments and think a week or two camp will ensure victory.Sometimes you make have to avoid sexual activities for a month.Tired of hearing they were rob.Boxers go out there and knock out your opponents then the winner will be clear.Be fit.Stay away from drugs ,alcohol and sex,eat well and train hard and you will get positive results.


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