Two school boys robbed in broad daylight in Castries

Two school boys robbed in broad daylight in Castries


Two male students from the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School were robbed in broad daylight by two armed men, in Castries around 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday (May. 24).

One of victim’s mother, who asked not to be named, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) on Wednesday that her son and his school mate, who are both 14-years-old, were cornered by the two men close to the government printery.

The woman said her son recalled that one of bandits pulled out a switchblade on him, requesting that he pass their cousin’s phone, pretending that they knew each other and suggesting that the students stole a phone.

He told his mother a passerby saw when the men pulled out the switchblade on him and recalled the individual saying to the men that they cannot do that to ‘school children.’

“So they (the students) said the bandits then told the boys to follow them. They took them behind the CDC building, searched them and took their cell phones and money,” the woman said.

Fortunately, the bandits did not hurt the students and allowed them to leave after they were robbed.

Once the boys got home, they related the story to their parents and a report was made with the police. The school was also informed and they have been communicating with the parents.

The woman said the boys may have panicked, because a knife was being pointed at them, when they decided to follow the bandits to the CDC building, where they were later robbed.

She told SNO after speaking with the police, she came to understand that this is not the first set of school children that have been robbed as of recent, right in the Castries area.

“It is so frustrating that your kid cannot even walk in town. He was going to have his hair cut, when that happened. Now you have to be cautioning your kid where to pass. In fact, I don’t want my child to be in town,” she told SNO.

The school boys have described the men wearing vests and flip-flops.

Only last week, another parent wrote SNO to warn other parents who have children going to primary schools from Vide Bouitelle to the Castries basin, to be more vigilante with their kids.

The parent who requested anonymity said her daughters were recent victims, as they were recently robbed along that route. They took her 11-year-old daughter’s cell phone.

That matter was also reported to the police.


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  1. What else these st lucians have left to do. They are such low life to rob school children.

    People don't believe it but under Kenny Anthony's administration that St Lucia got so bad with criminals, thieves, rapists, and the list goes on. All because the people are just idling the streets - No jobs and they are lazy too.

    Kenny only is concerned about himself and if he can't take care of a small place like St Lucia well what else is there to do.


  2. them boys self to me from the printery to behind the CDC you have to cross a road i sure yall could of have time run or maybe its wrong story cause to me as school boys yall could of think of that


  3. Children are now being targeted. The thieves are emboldened. I am beginning to think that there may be a leader and recruits must provide some form of token and or payment on a daily basis, irrespective. It may also serve as practice runs, breeding grounds to graduate to more complex crimes. The items robbed/taken at times are basic and of little value.


  4. It's sad that a passer by couldn't help. And there's always people passing this area even just crossing the street by the CDC.


    • The back of that CDC needs to be destroyed! Too much nonsense going on at the back of there.


  5. I kno if is my child they ,,;,;,,!! And I doing den serious mal to drag on the streets


  6. Masiay masiay masiay.....dats reel utter shate in this country u know, children getting robbed so much now? N wen ppl say they eh c why tourists hav to come here, other ppl getting vex....? Smh....this place sweet? Yes only in topography...I kud imagine how frightened dem kids must have been...awa awa awa....we really need to sympathize with our ppl being victims to crime...n it's time them useless assholes b taught a dam lesson...I deh to c which government will make an examples out of some on national TV so the rest can take note...dats reel shate mun..aa..


    • it's a sad sad situation for our island, however what can be done ? honestly, better cannot be done, because things are so crucial here that people seek to survive by any means necessary. the sad part is the thieves and robbers rob all the wrong people, innocent, poor, struggling people. school children, that's where the line is to be drawn.
      but guess what there's no quick fix to these issues we're faced with. these young criminals are to far gone to be rehabilitated. There's only one solution, harsh but real, get rid of them.


    • They normally they do, don't you not see them on the streets like dogs. THATS THEIR PAYMENT


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