Suspects in Syrian national’s murder released; post-mortem result revealed

Suspects in Syrian national’s murder released; post-mortem result revealed
Wassouf was gunned down in Jacmel/Anse La Raye on Monday afternoon.
Wassouf in happy times.

(SNO) — Saint Lucia police have released without charge, the two suspects who were in custody in connection with the shooting death of 49-year-old Syrian national and Rodney Heights resident, Souheil Wassouf, according to law enforcement sources.

However, one of the suspects has been charged for the possession of drugs which were found during a search of the individual’s home, sources say. The type of drugs and the quantity were not immediately available.

HTS had first reported that the two were taken into custody, days after the slaying of the businessman in Jacmel/Anse la Raye on February 11, 2019.

Sources say being released from custody without charge does not mean the individual/s are no longer suspects or persons of interest.

A post-mortem conducted last week revealed Wassouf’s cause of death as “haemoperitoneum secondary to injury to spleen, aorta and inferior vena cava” due to gunshot injuries, sources also revealed.

Sources had told SNO shortly after the shooting that Wassouf, who was known to drive around the island and sells items from his vehicle, was attacked while in or around his vehicle. His silver Toyota Voxy minivan (a twin of the Toyota Noah) has at least four bullet holes, two in the windscreen and one on the bonnet.

He was found motionless at the back of his vehicle with the driver’s door open and the front-seat passenger window partially shattered, apparently by gunfire.

Wassouf, who is survived by his wife and two children, reportedly moved to St. Lucia from Syria about 19 years ago, and opened a store in Castries.


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  1. I notice that you guys are quick with dam post mortem every-time a crime happens, but always come up short with results on a crime. We are not playing catch and release. Stop playing police and get real with y'all jobs. day by day the island is loosing confidence in ya"ll. you guys need to step up the GAME.


  2. Mf you must be one of these good mf police officers.....eating tax payers money..dumb....ignorant..savage...unprofessional...sorry ass excuse for an officer...i know...because you were offended at the truth


  3. Instead of blasting the RSLPF about asking if they are given the proper resources to do they jobs. The US had pull support to of police for six years now have something else step in to help? They answer would be NO, this doesnt mean the police have no blame in the matter. They have to take some blame but not all, is the govt putting enough resource in the Police force?


    • Part of the problem too is our government like to bow to Uncle Sam too much. They like to beg for hand out too much, do for self is what we need to practice and stop depending on other government to help us solve our problems. They don't want to support switch next side stop begging for hand outs.


  4. I have some advice for you police, unless you a 100% sure that the persons you have in custody are the criminals, please do the public a favor and do not announce that you have suspects.

    Take your time investigate and when you know for sure, you have a suspect you announce, until then don't hype any arrest you make because your track record in the area of crime fighting don't sit well with the public.

    **And one more thing, don't ask for no raise!! You all have to many cold case freezing on ice to be asking for raise on tax payers money.... that's all I have for you all.


  5. How long will you weak police continue to accumulate cold cases under your watch. I mean it's almost as if you weak, incompetent police have to catch someone red handed in order to make an arrest.

    I mean you guys have to be the weakest police force in the whole Caribbean, every suspect you apprehend gets out. Now, I ain't saying is them that do it but 99 times out of 100 you ain't going to catch no one. GOSH MAN! YOUR JOB PERFORMANCE IS TERRIBLE!


    • Well you should go train to be a police officer to do a better job instead of beating your mouth uselessly. Another one who watches CSI Miami and believes that it's real.


      • You ain’t making no sense bro. I have a job already is the police and the government that need training to do their job to safe guard the public; and you just need to shut up period!


      • Percy shut up, you ain't making no sense. I already have a job why should I train to be a police office? Is the police and the government that need to train to do a better job to safe guard the public... GOR GOR !


  6. Thats the trick of Lucian police. Just arrest people fast, don't bother investigate because that is too much physical and brain work for the police. then let some time pass and just release the fellas on lack of evidence. case closed. problem solved. awa for our people. things will get worst.


  7. What did I tell you all ? Weak set of robo cops they will never catch those responsible it is something we are used to. The RSLPF is a disgrace and they want more money,you all can take a 4ing hike.


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