Two Outstanding Employees from Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort & Spa

Two Outstanding Employees from Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort & Spa

Athelbert Jn. Baptiste: Most Congenial Employee

“Rocket” as he is affectionately known could be described as a humble, down-to-earth, and unassuming character. Since joining the team in August 2006, Mr. Jn. Baptiste has been nominated and awarded in various categories because of his, among other things, affection for his job in the garden. He is currently employed as a Gardener in the Landscaping Department.

The criteria for “Most Congenial Employee” are: The employee: (1) maintains a smile, (2) is charismatic and inspirational, (3) is efficient, (4) is flexible, (5) portrays tact & professionalism, (6) possesses great sportsmanship, (7) is respectful and compassionate – all of which Athlbert possesses.

He is a man who makes light of any bad situation, always finding the right word to say. Rocket is known for encouraging his colleagues especially when they are going through a bad situation. He pushes them to be diligent and to maintain a cheerful demeanour when under pressure because this is how he gets by.

Hilarion Hippolyte: Support Services (Employee of the Year)

Hilarion Hippolyte has been employed with the Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort as a Gardener in the Landscaping Department, since March of 2003.

He is a very honest individual who has earned the respect of all his colleagues. Hilarion is an employee who is always eager to work with staff at all levels and assist them in whatever way possible.

He is dependable and committed to his job and ensures that he excels in whichever task sassigned to him. He is very proactive and is not in the habit of waiting to be told what to do or which tasks to undertake.

Instead, he uses his initiative to get things done in an efficient manner. Hilarion Hippolyte always wears a broad smile as he goes through his day and greets everyone he comes into contact with. He is extremely courteous and has won the admiration of many.



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  1. Congratulations Hilarion. We are always so happy to see you when we visit. When you welcomed us back today we did not know about the award. We hope we will see you again this week to give you a proper congratulations.


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