Two men said they are being wrongfully accused of robberies in Martinique

Two men said they are being wrongfully accused of robberies in Martinique
Francois-Laurent Verte (right) and his friend are being accused on social media of being involved in the recent upsurge of robberies in Martinique.

(SNO) – Martinique has been rocked by a series of robberies — some violent — over the past weeks and as a result, blame and finger-pointing have become commonplace.

Who are responsible for these robberies?

Saint Lucians and foreign nationals have been blamed for a majority of these robberies. (SEE STORY). However, Saint Lucians are hitting back. A few of them contacted our newsroom over the past two weeks to indicate that the French nationals are the ones to be blamed and not Saint Lucians.

It was therefore no surprise when our newsroom received photos of several Martinique nationals accused of being the serial robbers. These photos are also being circulated via social media in the neighbouring French islands.

Two of the accused – feeling threatened by the bad publicity – met with the media earlier this week.

According to French media reports, the men claimed that they are innocent and the reports are unfounded.

The men reiterated that they have nothing to do with the robberies and the rumours are not only damaging to their reputation but putting their lives at risk, according to media reports.

So if foreign nationals are innocent and Martinique nationals are innocent who are behind the robberies?

Time will tell.


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  1. These two guys may or may not be involved. I went to Martinique a couple years ago and found out that some St. Lucians behave extremely badly in that country. St. Lucians who have been living in Martinique peacefully for years are embarrassed by these "new" arrivals. They are animals.
    Even during my trip on the ferry, I witnessed three of them behaving like beasts. My honest opinion is that many of them need to be kicked out. Freaking disgusting.


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