BREAKING NEWS: Two males shot in Bocage

By SNO Staff

Two males were wounded by gunfire on Monday evening (Sept. 11) in Bocage, Castries, according to law enforcement sources.

Residents reported hearing multiple gunshots between 7 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

One resident reported hearing at least eight shots, while another resident told St. Lucia News Online that about a dozen shots were heard.

The wounded individuals were transported to hospital. There is no official word yet on their condition.


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  1. Nice discussion everyone. 16 year old: I LOVE YOUR COMMENTS. (Which refers to an object or location and witch means female casting evil spells- minor point). You made a great point about a cyclical problem: no jobs lead to frustration, idle youth, addictions and criminal activities as some politicians make promises, they can't keep. It is a time of global greed and some greedy businessmen want to privatize basic services: water, electricity, phone, roads etc to make the prices go up in profit racketeering prices.
    How can a struggling economy pay off it's debts without pipping its citizens with entertainment and lies? Crooked politicians will get foreigners to bring jobs but have you sell off your land and assets to make roads, bridges or building-big tax breaks and profits for the deal makers.... selling off to foreign people ready to invest and have the St. Lucians as economic slaves. And if you give them passports they automatically will be in a stronger position to control you with their new rules etc back like colonial days- instead of sugar or cotton farms it will be technological farms, tourism or whatever..

    How to stop this? research everything you hear and find solutions to go back to the community development, unite. Let us stop with all the fights about parties - all dem fellas are friends: same lodges, same life styles, assets compared to some of the poor people they serve.
    Wake up! Not every lucian in foreign is illegal, some of us are citizens who want to return home to help our country- but compare to home if you unemployed you get: welfare/free govt. help for housing, free medical care at the govt. hospitals, food stamps for groceries---- so some people PREFER TO BE POOR IN THE USA OR CANADA OR UK...THAN THEIR HOMELANDS-------- even others who are illegal and have US born children here can get food stamps, rental assistance and cash benefits for the kids- so why come home and suffer with others when you can't help them? Trump wants to send illegals home true, but not the legals, and not all of us forget where we are from----okay my brother. It's a time to do and say things to help each other and not fight among ourselves because of some lying politicians breaking down the country and causing people to fight each other.

  2. Kill one another guys,more woman for me azzholes

  3. Really? Our Caribbean brothers are reeling from a massive hurricane that spare Helen's children and all we can do everyday is shooting and killing each other?OMG for the love of God and country can we please just stop and check ourselves? Lots of St.Lucians resides on all those affected islands, and went there to make a life for themselves, and help out Lady Helen.
    There are St.Lucians on Antigua and Barbuda, Anguilla,BVI, St .Thomas and French and Dutch St Maarten and they are so damn proud to be St.Lucians, but these damn hooligans are an embarrassment to our nation.
    May God Bless us all, and may God Bless St. Lucia.

  4. I am looking at those comments and I could see things that would make criminals do crime more to prove is not that and is this. See, the thing about "ghetto yutes" is that they would go on the net and they would see all such and would make wanna prove sh*t. Many people would ask is it their parents, lack of jobs, government, etc. Practically its all, see all them play a part but the thing is what is the part played. See the government went independent so there we are very underaged, some of the things our parents would tell us and how they would react to some things, witch then leads us to liming with bad friends at school getting suspended or expelled. And again the government witch doesn't supply jobs for their citizens I mean those who are actual Saint Lucians. So whom am I, am I á criminal? No! Am just a 16 yr old that's meditating on witch should I be.

  5. what pisses me off is them idiots always come do drive bys and still miss their intended targets...stop shooting innocent ppl just to feel good that you knock a few shots....i eh care if yall kill each other yall that in yall war but why do innocents have to pay for yall shit....bout time yall learn how to shoot

  6. Stop liming on the blocks and get something constructive to do. The blocks attract criminals.

  7. all of you thats in america and feel they can tell us how best to deal with the our problem why dont you tell us about trump whating to send urll ass back to st.lucia and how much you guys have to hide so plz deal with ur problems and we wil deal with ours

  8. The noose should never have been abandoned. Bring back the noose & whip!

  9. what are their names?

  10. When is this going to stop!

    • How about never. Accept that these breed of criminals is here to stay. We need a total rethink of how to deal with this situation to make it stop. It isn't about unemployment or schooling or parents. Its a total breakdown of societal values. Sure you can blame the parents all you want but if our leaders are a bunch of corrupt crooks what would the kids think? Why should I work hard when these guys are stealing left and right? It takes a village to raise a child.

      • No matter if the politicians were saints or sinners, there will always be crime.
        To be quite honest with you the entire world has neglected boys and men. Issues facing boys and men are not given the same attention as women issues are.
        More crime and suicide is committed by our males, and still, the organizations worldwide have not seen it fit to have a more aggressive approach to put issues affecting men on the front burner.
        Not withstanding that though, there will always be crime.

  11. Any one here still thinks Operation Restore Confidence was wrong in spite of its obvious weaknesses?

    • Honk if you love extra-judicial killings.

    • Man stop thinking with your s55!

    • That's the first thing if I got a chance to lead this country would reinstate!! Because wants happening right now is theses guys are all getting away and there is no justices for anyone in St. Lucia

      • You would not last long. First thing Uncle Sam would do is to revoke your visa no funding for your police force, no visa for your police chief and other top brass and politicians you see it playing out now and you still want to do it again. I understand the frustration but you must know who carry the big stick.

    • It not coming back so stop wishing upon a star. If that format was good it would have implemented again long time. You had trigger happy police killing people for the hell of it and they are still there and so is Uncle Sam.

  12. People need books in they hands not guns .

  13. Man can't get s grip on what's happening in his country yet he wants to bring in note desperados from oversea prisons, Lord Dave us from this jackanapes


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