Two males, one female attempt suicide

Two males, one female attempt suicide


With only four days into the new year, Saint Lucia has already recorded three separate attempted suicides.

St. Lucia News Online (SNO) was informed that two males and one female attempted to take their own lives.

The most recent incident occurred today (Jan.4), when a man from Micoud believed to be in his 30s, consumed a poisonous substance and was taken to hospital.

Meanwhile, a male secondary school student from the South also attempted to commit suicide a few days ago.

SNO understands that a young female from the South who suffers from depression, overdosed on drugs.

All three individuals are being monitored and is in the care of health professionals.

Their conditions are unknown at this time.


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  1. Our schools need to teach students not just how to be good employees, but how to take whatever talents and hobbies they have and turn them into jobs. The schools need to promote entrepreneurism because there are not many jobs out there, young people have to know how to create jobs for themselves in the event there is nothing available for them out there.


    • In that case then ALL our schools and examination bodies MUST be involved in teaching and examining subject areas from kindergarten to university, that make Saint Lucians into people who first can think for themselves. Next, we need that to be cover all kinds of technology. We don't teach not even the basics of engineering like software engineering. We in Saint Lucia can build better mouse traps than those being imported. We can make things that other countries will buy, if we try.

      Instead our line up of education ministers are either producing bus drivers for a dead banana industry or dishwashers for the hotel industry. Try making a living out of that.


  2. It is really sad that these people reach a point of no return. But I firmly believe if you're anchored in God u will not reach this stage with no hope.I pray they get the help needed


  3. Take your problems to the Lord he can fix it for you just believe. He is your problem solver, your provider, your consulor your healer, turn from our wicked ways so God can work on your behalf my people. Don't let the devil steal your joy. Pray those patients get better soon. Let's pray as a nation.


  4. the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer. what the hell are they doing with the VAT money they are collecting from the poor? can they do something with that money to help the young people? i'm sure the rich people are pocketing the majority VAT money to pay for their BIG homes and fancy cars. CHOOPS!!!!!!!


    • Ignorance is Bliss, so you must be one happy soul! No accountability. Or are you taking special medicines to attain this level of stupidity?


    • Wanting $400 dollar sneakers when you cannot even get a job to buy enough food, causes depression.


  5. Hey I thought it was the former government that coz depression an suside so who's playing games while people's lifes it sure looks to me that we all need 2b each other's keeper in sickness an help an stop political divide and focus on the importance of self preservation and unity without governmental intervention with this said I wish the afflicted well from their plight at hand.


    • Idiot get a life! Malnutrition, uneducated children, some as young as 12, knocked up by other uneducated rum-binging males who give them babies, that either will ever be able to feed properly, ARE the cause.

      As soon as these retards and their offspring get to be 15, these males go impregnating, sometimes three to four females all at the same time, producing another bumper crop of retarded idiots.

      Does it shock you that they have to try to commit suicide? There are few jobs other than SLP's STEP jobs for such functional illiterates.

      For the number of retards that we keep producing every year, these have the same chance of finding a job as you would, finding a snowball in Hell.

      Take a look around you. Almost every Saint Lucian today, has a half-brother or a half-sister, who is NOT a child of a formal legal marriage of either parent. The laws of Saint Lucia were even changed to bar outside children from sharing the wealth of their parents who get married, and those who die without drawing up a will. We are a very sick society.


  6. They should be allowed to die with no help. Nobody should be assisted in reversing a course that they have chosen. It is your life. Do what you want to do with it. Why live for anybody else, especially when you are born alone?


  7. All three individuals are being monitored and ARE in the care of health professionals

    It is so sad when young people feel that the only way out is through suicide. We need to be more mindful of the mental health of our youth. We live in a society where people are afraid to talk about their problems, with counselors or even family members and close friends because they are ashamed or more so because they are afraid to confide in people as a result of distrust.

    What is the solution? How can we help them?

    The proper response is not the generic passive answers " put god first" or "pray"
    We need t be active, we need to DO something .

    This truly saddens me.


  8. Being unemployed for prolonged periods of time can result in severe depression. People want to be productive, especially the young ones who feel like their youth and vigor is being wasted while their leaders play games.

    This 40% youth unemployment is disgusting and must be addressed promptly before we lose more young ones to dispair


  9. To the Educators, (ministers):both religious and educational ministers. I am here today to tell about something that's help both developed and under developed nations a whole lot and it is called support groups. It is high time as a nation, where there is not much support, that we have to implement support. As a nation where laws are made for the people, by the people and with the people. We must try to work with the people.
    We are living in an era, where ideas are brighter than ever before. Bring such great ideas ad support groups to the attention, of the Educators of the land. I totally believe if we would support each other, we would be creating platforms, where people would be open about their inner turmoils. I think even the editor of this news online could be a great resource.


  10. Extremely sad situation, I wish them all well. Please remain positive and strong people. SNO I live in London and surely there are good things happening in St. Lucia. Please bring some positive news as well.


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