Two lucky St. Lucians win Super 6 lotto jackpots

Two lucky St. Lucians win Super 6 lotto jackpots
Victorin Weekes (left) collects his check from SNL Marketing Supervisor Fiona Smith

(PRESS RELEASE) — The year has started off in high gear for St. Lucia National Lottery (SNL) and most certainly for gamers.

Two lucky gamers experienced a life-changing experience in January after playing Super 6: Victorin Weekes and Viventian Stephen are the latest winners of Super 6 jackpots.

Weekes, who won $480,000 on Friday, January 18, 2019, appeared very calm after finding out he was the holder of the winning ticket. He won with the numbers 4-11-15-17-23-26 and ticket letter E, which he purchased from Ma Afa’s in Ciceron.

As is customary, once the Super 6 jackpot has been won, it returns to the original amount of $200,000 and continues to accumulate until it is won again. In a matter of exactly one week after reaching $205,000, the jackpot was won again, on Friday, January 25, 2019. This time, Viventia Stephen was the owner of the winning ticket which she had purchased at the Hewanorra Service Station. Stephen won on the numbers 5-10-13-20-22-27 with ticket letter N.

Viventian Stephen (right) with SNL Marketing Supervisor Fiona Smith

The two lucky winners took no time to claim their winnings, and the day finally arrived when they received their cheques at the official handover, which took place at the MBC Studio, directly after the scheduled draws.

Weekes and Stephen both indicated how happy they were to each receive their prizes.

When asked how they would spend their winnings, Weekes said: “I won’t do much, just take care of a few little things I am missing to do.”

Stephen said: “I am happy and excited. This cheque is not only for me but it’s for family. I have children and grandchildren in school so this is the most important thing for me.”

This win came at a very important time for Stephen, having won the jackpot a few days after celebrating her 64th birthday; her birth date was included in her winning numbers!

Super 6, which was introduced in 2005, continues to reward gamers with jackpots, which allow them to enjoy life-changing experiences that would not have been possible.

The SNL team congratulates Victorin Weekes and Viventia Stephen on winning. There are still lots more cash to be won with SNL. Take a chance today.

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  1. Congratulations Coach. Couldn't have happened to a nicer person.
    The former VSADC Academy footballers are very happy for you.
    Myself included.


  2. Im grateful for those who won TBH i wouldnt want to be broadcast as a winner of a lottery...knowing how people go try and rob or even kill you to get some money.


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