Two injured in Bois D’ Orange accident

Two injured in Bois D’ Orange accident


An early morning accident, involving a motorcycle and a van at Bois D’ Orange has left two persons injured.

The van was reportedly being driven by a priest, who allegedly made a u-turn at the Bryden’s Gap, close to Computer World and Courts, when a motorcycle slammed into the side of the van.

The driver was identified as Victor Reyes  of Sunny Acres.

An eyewitness told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the motorcyclist sustained more injuries and was left lying unconscious for several minutes on the road.

He was identified as Cobham Cooper, 35, of Corinth.

The incident is reported to have occurred around 8:30 a.m.

The priest also sustained injuries to his side, since the motorcycle allegedly slammed into the driver’s side of the vehicle, which caused a dent in the van.

Emergency responders showed up at the scene minutes later and took both persons to the hospital.

The accident drew a large crowd of passersby who offered to assist.

Traffic police are investigating.


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  1. We call the large abandoned commercial building across from sunbilt.., the dog mall. There is always a lot of dogs in there it seems.


  2. on another note : TRAFFIC DEPARTMENT needs to gets their staff to ensure that road markings are kept fresh - always visible - this could mean all the difference between life & death - and a learner failing their practical exam ...


    • Tell me how the biker was wrong when he was NOT the one who made an unlawful U-TURN in along the HIGHWAY. Tell me because I would like to know. Y'all people never have facts but y'all always quick to talk as if y'all were there. Choops tan!!!


    • how is the biker wrong? it is ILLEGAL to perform a U-Turn there. it is obvious that he did not even check oncoming traffic before continuing his turn.


    • How is the biker wrong when the priest made a U Turn without looking? Bikes are dangerous both when the people driving them are reckless and there is little room for error when the others on the road are reckless.


    • how u mean the biker was wrong when the priest made a u turn in the gap, their's no round about, so the biker has no wrong,, not because the van driver is a priest to give him right,, you'll too hippocrite


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