UPDATED: Two injured in Castries accident identified

By SNO Staff

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Two persons have been hospitalised following an accident in the city of Castries Friday morning, November 8, according to law enforcement sources.

Reports are that a motorcycle collided with a minibus at the intersection of Manoel Street and Hospital Road.

Both the motorcyclist, identified as Trevor Mitchel, 29, and the bus driver, identified as Felix John, who is 60+ years old, were transported to Victoria Hospital by Castries ambulance.

Their medical status is not clear.

A video clip of the accident posted on social media shows the motorcyclist lying facedown and motionless on the road as police officers try to protect the accident scene.

A green and black motorcycle is also seen in the video.

The Saint Lucia Fire Service received the call about the accident at 8:56 a.m.

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  1. Allyuh badmind here.... the motorcyclist is okay....more Life More Blessings....speedy recovery my brother!!

  2. I will repeat that. In the event your traffic lights do not work , it automatically becomes a 4 way or 3 way stop. first to arrive first to leave . this is the only way traffic will flow evenly without congestion. If it is not that way then we do not need traffic lights.

    • St Lucians know nothing about that, on such a small island most ppl are always in a hurry. I do hope one day things can change for the better though.

  3. Motorist should bear in mind that when a traffic light is not working , the intersection automatically becomes a three way or a four way stop sign . These are the simple things that the traffic department must let our motorist know .First to arrive first to leave and so forth . My message to motorcycllist , respect the road , stop this crazy riding, you are the ones getting killed.

  4. when you buy a bike buy your spot at vigie too

  5. bike life

  6. Sigh sad to read this. I saw padna this morning on that bike and my thoughts he does not look secured like a rider and now seeing this...he did have a helmet when I saw him, hope it's not life threatening

  7. is that on the bridge by the juicy factory?. if so i wonder if those lights were working. i guess now that an accident happen there they will get them fixed asap

    • Saw this rider overtaking the police vehicle this morning on this very same street and headed straight for me. Had to stop to allow him to squeeze pass through and the Police chased him. He was not wearing a helmet. I am not surprised that it ended this way


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