Two female teenagers raped at Derek Walcott Square

Two female teenagers raped at Derek Walcott Square

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  1. Dear Editor,
    Rape is becoming a great threat to our country’s sense of safety. The people of St.Lucia, especially women; the young ones in particular, are becoming victims of rape. I believe that this problem can be solved if we as a people do what is right and respect each other and ourselves.
    ` Rape causes people to be insecure. People become afraid to want to leave their houses or even stay out late. People no longer want to go places because they are afraid of being the next victim. The value of social interaction is severely threatened because people are simply too fearful; life as we knew is going down.
    Take into consideration this incident in the middle of the city. The Derek Walcott Square is known as a place where people come to socialize and enjoy themselves. When people hear such things happening so brazenly at a time when one would expect criminals are not yet lurking about, they tend to want to avoid the area. The result is that the reputation of the square is damaged.
    The victims of such acts are left with an emotional wound that most of the time never heals. These wounds sometime lead to suicide or severe depression.
    As a teenager I wouldn’t want to be a victim of rape. I can only imagine the pain of those who have been raped and how worthless they feel knowing that all someone of the opposite sex looks at them is ‘SEX’.
    The rate of rape is increasing and many girls out there are getting hurt. To help eliminate rape young girls should always tell an entrusted adult where they are going, with whom and what time they expect to return. Also, harsher laws can be made to deal with those rapists out there.
    Together we can make a change.
    Yours sincerely,
    A Teenage Girl.


  2. Don't get me wrong that story sounds illogical based on the time and place. The square on a Friday is rather not quiet not secluded especially when people are relaxing on a TGIF basis, people are moving around, traffic is not quite dead in a sense that there are constantly moving ever so often. Another point, the male got hit and was unconscious and no one saw to help a man that was in need?

    It sounds like a story made up. My take is that the girls had a plan to have an intimate adventure but couldn't find an excuse that could make them responsible for their actions. I do not condone rape or any wicked acts against others but I think based on this report that these teens didn't want to own up to their decisions. This is my take on the situation.


  3. Dear editor,
    I'm sure that you have known about the increase in rape cases and the increasing threat to the women of our once prosperous country but from what I've seen the chief commissioner is doing nothing about it.They say they will do something but something should have been DONE.
    I believe that the main reason for the increase is a leniency in previous rape cases which makes the perpetrators feel as if there will be no serious consequences if they get caught.Another reason maybe the fact there has been an increase in the number of individuals who watch x rated material and as research shows pornographic material tends to make individuals aggressive, violent and often addicted sometimes craving more than just "a hand to the handle". Also the way the perpetrator may have been raised may be a contributing factor.
    I'm sure that the police force will implement actions like curfews or letting people use pepper spray or tasers/stun guns or banning pornographic material from servers to prevent a future increase in rape cases but whatever they decide to do I hope it will be soon.

    your honestly
    A teenage boy


  4. Dear Editor,I am totally in favor of the issue of sex crimes in St.Lucia and trying to put a stop to them.This problem is a very important one that we should act upon as soon as possible because it has a very bad influence on our society and young people.Too many people are getting raped in our society.
    This issue can have a very harmful impact on the tourist industry and the impression other countries have about our island.If this issue continues,we could potentially see a significant reduction in the number of tourists who visit our island on a yearly basis and as we are largely depended on this sector,this could also affect the amount of money the government of St.Lucia gains from tourist arrivals.
    Further,victims of sexual offences usually have suicidal thoughts after suffering from such a devastating ordeal.Already the suicide rate in our island is on the rise and it may well be possible that the issue of sexual crimes may have a very important role to play in it.We need to be thoughtful of our decisions before we make them.Going about forcing people's innocent children to have sex is not the best way of dealing with a poor sex life.
    If we work together as a nation we can put a stop to sex crimes on our island.There are several ways of doing so.Parents should take better care of their children and ensure that they are informed about their whereabouts often.There should also be more police patrols in areas where sexual offences have occurred.


  5. Once again, victims are blamed for their demise and hindsight is expressed as information and awareness which they ignored and therefore, culpable.

    I think people are rightly appalled by what happened to these young women and their male companions. Some people have difficulty taking in the sordid acts. But let us get real; males can act in packs and rape as a means of exerting power and violence over weaker males and females. This appalling behaviour is primitive but not new. The shame of such treatment keeps victims silent; otherwise more incidents would be reported. These traumatised victims need understanding not criticism.

    The community must make it clear that there is no place whatsoever for such behaviours. And no hiding place either for these brutes. They will reveal themselves by their machoism and bragging. These cowards are using fear to keep their evil deeds quiet!


  6. If you lived in a country where there were no schools, no hospitals, no police, no army, no roads, no stadiums, no playing fields and no laws and no taxes who would you blame for the millions of problems that you would have?
    Not the government for sure because then there would be no government!! You would have to blame yourselves!!
    But when your country decides you need all these things and you pass laws, pay taxes, build schools, hospitals, stadiums and establish law and order-hire police,form an army- who do you want the people to blame now when they have problems?
    Not themselves for sure!! Governments are there to solve all problems that individuals are not and cannot be expected to solve for themselves. Why do you think vigilantes cannot dispense justice?? It's the government's responsibility because you have formed a country where every facet of your life is governed by laws.
    Political Science is not taught in primary schools nor secondary schools. So I excuse people who say that you cannot blame the government even though it's an ignorant statement. However I cannot excuse the Government for not solving our problems whether it's health, sports, education, the economy or crime because they know it's their responsibility. They know that's what they swore to do when they took up office!!


  7. Our minister of National Security seem to have a hands-off approach to these issues. By far he is the worst minister of National Security our island has ever had.


  8. The guys who were with the girls were all shaken up, one was knocked unconscious for a while, and in all that fear and stress they were able to get erections? I really hope they were not involved in this. I don't know - they're young maybe its possible.


  9. Apply Singapur law. Caning on the ass and 12-25 years jail for rape. Drugs trafficing, death penalty by hanging. Singapore is very prosperous and safe. Humans are the main cause of screwing up beautiful Helen of the West.


  10. Some men are so wicked. The park is surpose to be a safe place where are the police men to patrol the square .our young girls are not safe parents of those girls make those men report them selves. They don't need to go to prison they need tomorrow loose what god gave them they need to cut it off and give it to dogs .the dogs are better than them. Some times they are men with wives and children. Some times those things are not normal thepeople need virgin blood to do their dirty works that was a set up god knows big men are involve.we have so many lodge members in st lucia some of them need the wicked acts to be where they are st lucians wake ups we need to pray and pray more aggressive let us not allow those pigs to sell us to the devil


  11. There's always three sides to a story...All Y'all people could do is judge.Y'all can't put y'all selves in the girls//teenagers shoes for once?! They probably have a curfew so they decided to hang out for some time or they probably had lessons or sumn all y'all could do is judge and blame.?


  12. This story just don't add up I just read about this incident on st.lucia times and now on st lucia news online something is not adding up there same incident different story


  13. This is very disturbing! 7: 30pm and women getting raped on the square. This story is a bit out of the ordinary. Why would a man ask someone else to rape for him? No rapist goes out to target women and then proceeds to put a stanger's pleasure before his. Raping is an act of selfishness and dominance something this story goes against.

    Sigh, I know many women will take issue with this but it must be said: it is not advisable to go to uncrowded areas at night or dress suggestively if you arent absolutely certain you will be among civilised men. The fact is there are some seriously messed up people out there dont make yourself a target.

    Im sorry this happened to you but there is nothing that can be done to change it. Get tested, see a psychiatrist and try your best to not let this ruin the rest of your life. I wish you both the best of luck.


    • yes ppl can ask ppl to save sex infront of them without any involvement. thats to show u how sick they are. y do u think there's peeping toms? they always watching from the window to see u undress, be naked.


    • Forcing someone to rape someone else is also an act of dominance and selfishness. This is not the first time I have heard such a crime like this. The pleasure derived from knowing that you are causing both parties distress is definitely exerting dominance .


  14. Don't mean to sound insensitive but moving forward if there are gonna be activities on the square and/or the square be left open to the public at night i suggest that the square remain fully lit and cc tv cameras be place in all strategic spots in and around the park to avoid something like this happening again.


  15. I have a 18 yr old daughter and gave her a .22 told her in a case like that use it and call ur daddy u know I have a boat no body no evidence


  16. I don't believe the story, something doesn't add up. What we need is RESTORE CONFIDENCE! Get rid of these lowlife. Please bring back Restore Confidence!


  17. god forbid this horrendous and evilous crime reaches my doorstep because i would be so livid
    so angry
    all news stations and MEDIA !!!! - SOCIAL AND OTHERWISE - would be hearin and broadcasting my messages
    this story is filled with mistrust and lies and its not acceptable
    why aren't the people finding these guys
    somebody knows something - this is saint lucia, after all
    everybody knows whats happening
    this terrible "rain" isnt falling on one housetop - its all over all of us and its time to start a change .........


  18. This is ridiculous, this story is far fetched.
    Why are the so called teenagers and so called virgins not at home st 7:30 pm,
    This story has no credence.


    • Whats your point ? Do You Know If The Kids Were Waitin On Their Parents ? You Know Why They Out So Later ? We are too often to judge ! Why not study where your kids are now !


    • Agree, especially on a friday nights, what are these girls doing late this hour...