Two-day wastewater training workshop starts Thursday

Two-day wastewater training workshop starts Thursday
Lavina Alexander

The Ministry of Sustainable Development, Energy, Science and Technology is collaborating with the Ministry of Health, Wellness, Human Services and Gender Relations to host a two-day wastewater training workshop on Thursday and Friday.

The aim is to facilitate an immediate and holistic impact in wastewater management upon representatives returning to recurrent activities and becoming a part of the wastewater management network.

Sustainable Development and Environment Officer Lavina Alexander says it is anticipated that the wastewater management network will facilitate speedy decisions regarding future wastewater management issues.

“This is the first initiative being executed under a small scale funding agreement for which the Government of Saint Lucia has received funding from the United Nations Environment Programme to address wastewater management by building capacity and raising awareness of the impact of poor waste management on our coastal and natural resources,” she says.

In the recent past, the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Energy, Science and Technology, through the Sustainable Development & Environment Division, has collaborated with key partners including the Water and Sewerage Company Inc, to implement the Caribbean Regional Fund for Wastewater Management project.

This project is intended to address the issues of wastewater treatment and management, and pollution of inland and coastal waters.

Alexander says as a signatory to the Land Based Sources of Marine Pollution Protocol, Saint Lucia is committed to addressing issues related to wastewater management.

“The Caribbean Environment Programme of the United Nations has indicated that land-based sources and activities constitute the greatest threat to Caribbean public health and coastal and marine habitats. Specifically in the case of Saint Lucia, improper sewage treatment and disposal has been identified as one of the biggest threats to the island’s coastal waters and habitats,” she says.

“The Government of Saint Lucia recognised the importance of the Caribbean Sea to the continued economic development of the island and, as such, Saint Lucia became the fourth country to ratify the Land Based Sources of Marine Pollution Protocol in January 2008. The upcoming workshop seeks to build national capacity in waste water management as a Party to the LBS protocol.”

The Protocol seeks to respond to the protection of the marine environment from land-based point and non-point sources of marine pollution by outlining the types of control and management responses required for addressing land-based issues.

The opening ceremony for the workshop will be held at the Ixora Conference Room, Bay Gardens Inn.


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