T&T: La Brea massacre suspect caught

T&T: La Brea massacre suspect caught
Abigail Chapman
Abigail Chapman

(T&T NEWSDAY) – The suspect in Tuesday’s gruesome quadruple murder in La Brea has been caught, the TT Police has said.

The suspect, unnamed in the police statement, was apprehended just after 9 am today walking along a roadway leading out of St Alban’s Quarry, about 200 metres off the Valencia stretch, far from the scene of his alleged crime.

He was held by officers of the La Horquetta Crime Patrol Unit, under Sgt Vaughan Waldropt.

The suspect was carrying a green knapsack containing clothing, the police said.

The suspect is being turned over to the Homicide Bureau of Investigations, Region 3, under Supt Lindon Greenidge.

On Wednesday, the country was horrified to learn of the overnight slaughter of Michael Scott, a La Brea stalwart and former schoolteacher-turned-landlord, and his tenant, Abigail Chapman, 41, her daughter, Olivia and Olivia’s school friend, Michaela Mason.

Olivia and Michaela were just 15 and 14 years old, respectively.

Abigail Chapman had previously made reports of domestic violence to the La Brea Police Station against the suspect; three officers have been suspended over allegations that they did not sufficiently investigate the matter.


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