T&T firm helps launch US methanol plant

T&T firm helps launch US methanol plant

(TRINIDAD GUARDIAN) – A T&T firm has played a key role in the start of commercial methanol production at a new 5,000-metric ton per day methanol plant in Beaumont, Texas, operated by Consolidated Energy Limited (CEL), OCI N.V., and Natgasoline LLC. I

Industrial Plant Services Limited (IPSL), a leading provider of plant management services based on the Point Lisas Industrial Estate in Trinidad, provided extensive technical expertise in the construction and commissioning of the world-class facility, including training staff responsible for its operations and maintenance.

The plant, which was completed in April, will be the United States’ largest methanol production facility. It is the only new capacity expected in the Americas to come online in 2018, and will continue its ramp-up in the coming weeks while under-going normal fine-tuning of equipment.

CEL, a global leader in methanol, is a subsidiary of Proman Holding AG (Proman) and Helm AG (Helm). David Cassidy, Chief Executive of Proman and Chairman of both IPSL and CEL, said: “I am delighted to see the Natgasoline facility come online. Its considerable production capacity will be instrumental in meeting customer demand for methanol.

“It is an important operational milestone for us, allowing us to diversify our operations and grow our production capacity in the US market. The involvement of the IPSL team has been instrumental in delivering this project, and has been an outstanding example of bringing the talent and skills from across the Proman business together to deliver results as a team.”

“The successful start of production at Natgasoline is a significant step forward in our capacity expansion programme and marks the completion of OCI’s second major greenfield facility in the United States within as many years,” said Nassef Sawiris, Chief Executive Officer of OCI N.V.

“Natgasoline helps to position OCI as one of the largest merchant methanol producers globally, thus providing an enhanced platform to serve our customers better, while generating attractive returns for our shareholders.”

CEL and OCI will lead the effort in marketing and distribution of Natgasoline’s product, supporting sales through their respective distribution networks. The sponsors will contribute key management personnel and provide technical leadership in the start-up, operations and maintenance of this ground-breaking methanol facility, led by IPSL. IPSL provided key offshore and onshore support during the construction, commissioning and start-up of the plant, including seconding a range of subject matter experts to the facility in Beaumont, Texas. From Trinidad, where the bulk of its expertise lies, IPSL shared a broad range of high-level technical expertise.

IPSL is affiliated with CEL via their parent company, the Proman Group.


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